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Seven sixty. AM fourteen past we'll see snow in some likely places, but rain in some areas that don't get it so much. Here's AccuWeather dot com. Meteorologist Heather zehr. Once again, the northern part of the country is going to be at risk for some wintry weather. That's where most of our precipitation is going to take place. One exception is going to be that the latest storm affecting the west coast is bringing rain for coastal areas. All the way from Washington down through Oregon and down into California's. Well, and it even makes it all the way down almost to Los Angeles by the end of the day today, and that should catch up with L A as we head into tonight's. So we are going to see rain all the way down along the south west coast. However for most of the west the precipitation is going to be farther north in that we are looking for a possibility for some rain and snow at times down into northern Nevada and over into northern Utah. Snow is going to continue in the northwest as well. We're also looking at another area of precipitation pushing through the northern plains. This is snow at the leading edge. That's going to affect Minnesota for today. And there will be some small accumulations generally on the order of a couple of inches. However is warmer air is trying to catch up with that precipitation. We're going to see is on the western end of that area. And so across most of North Dakota's well as eastern South Dakota and even down at the south western parts of Minnesota and northern Iowa. We could have some icy conditions to navigate today, we have snow and snow showers that are going to still be around in the northeast with the possibility for at least flurries still all the way down into West Virginia. And that's the weather across America in Oklahoma City today, sunshine and a high of sixty one that's the nation's weather. I'm AccuWeather dot com. Meteorologist Heather zehr. Yesterday's national high eighty three at the southernmost point. Mcconnell? United States Key, West, Florida..

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