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Is the Larry O'Connor. Shit. Alright. How are you helping out? How are you being a part of this Susan in Alexandria? We just spoke with the woman who'd like to be your mayor. Susan, what are you doing to get involved? Oh, well, Actually, my husband keeps the knowledge is the chairman of the Al Vanya Republican City Committee. Everyone's very excited yet Everyone is very excited that she's running on bears gonna be two openings in the city Council, though Pepper is retiring. I think one of the person is going to run for state office. So, Yeah, There's plenty of room There's people forget. People just think, especially in this area. Susan. They think it's hopeless. It's not even worth trying to run and again again. I have no illusions here, you might not win. The numbers are stacked against you. But Susan, it's still important to be in, isn't it Isn't it's important to be a part of it. So it's war. It's always worth the shot. You know what's the worst That could happen? And yes, yes. How is he? 100? There are Republicans in Alexandria to how can they? What's the website for the Alexander Republican Party? Do you know Susan? Not off the top. All right, I'll get it. Email The show where I put you on the spot, Susan, Thank you for calling. I'm gonna give it to everybody in the moment when we come back on the backside on lady already calling in. Tell me how you're getting involved right now, in local politics to make a difference, Especially Virginia. You got a big election coming up. Relate 6 30 W W M A L F M. WOODBRIDGE, Washington Now more than ever depend on one of 5.9 FM W M A L. A cumulus station news now. W E Mail news at 5 30. I'm Maria Leave. Now there's the $1.9 Trillion coronavirus relief packages signed President Biden, turning his attention to infrastructure and during a speech in Pittsburgh. He discussed is roughly $2 trillion plan. I'm proposing a plan for the nation and rewards work, not just rewards, wealth and bills of fare economy that gives everybody a chance to succeed. That's going to create the strongest, most resilient, innovative economy in the world. Maryland Expecting 3.9 billion in federal funding through the American rescue plan, and now the state's deciding how to spend it. Governor Hogan says there's targeted relief for struggling Maryland. There's and ashore of dwindling.

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