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On Colorado's morning news. The Broncos stink busy in the off season that reportedly making a deal with Washington to ship out QB case keenum comes after the team brought in former raven signal caller Joe flacco, let's get into it. With our own Broncos insider, Mike Klis on the live line. Good morning. Mike. Do you think the Broncos got more than they thought? They weren't in the steel. Yeah. I think when they traded for flacco it looked like they were going to have to eat seven million on case keenum's contract that was fully guaranteed. You know, release some and someone else signs them for the minimum, which is a little less than a million. So the Broncos were looking at eating six million. Plus by making this trade, the key was they saved three million dollars. And we'll see if they can put that good use for free agency that opens really kind of opens Monday when you can negotiate with these guys. But then the official opening is Wednesday might take away at least from this part of it. Mike is because John always been taking heat about his choices of quarterbacks of late. But to me, it's like, okay knowledged. He may be made a mistake with case. And he's found a way to at least kind of solve it or move on from it. That's got to be at least a good thing to look at and say, he acknowledged it. Now, he's moving forward. Yup. That's the that's the positive way to look at it. The, you know, the naysayers and the critics will say he messed up with case keenum in the first place. But you're right. I think everyone makes mistakes the keys to not be stubborn and and hold onto your mistakes and aggravate 'em. He is moving on from what he says. I, you know apologies. The case keenum for per se. And he's a mistake. I mean, he he's a gritty guy. And he does have a lot to offer. I think he will upgrade Washington's quarterback situation. And in fact, you know, I bet on them to be there starter season opening starter. But with the Broncos, it just it didn't fit here, he didn't fit and. You know, he Elway thinks wackos and upgrade. And after one year gave cases shot and he's moving on to the to the next guy. Mike, what do you think the Broncos want to do with a young quarterback in terms of the draft in in that kind of thing? I think probably in the draft. You're looking right now, I would say it's most likely in round two through five that they get a quarterback to develop that they think could can come on. Not necessarily the the first round with that number ten overall pick right now, I would say that's doubtful. Maybe we revisit this. After after the the draft as Broncos insider, Mike Klis nine twenty five money's with Pat. The jobs.

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