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It a lot. Who had it. Better than floyd mayweather. Ge africa greatest. I'm not taking away from floyd. I'm just looking at thirty pounds. If this guy was saying the same thing as floyd floyd believe destroy pick them up do all that type of stuff flowing would definitely be in shape over the guy and everything. But i just know thirty pounds do there. There's there's nothing logan paul doing. The ring net. Floyd couldn't read. Listen i seen nothing football. It got a running back. He's so shifty dope a linebacker thirty pounds more rock his ass. he won't slow fuck down wax. There's nothing logan. Paul could bring in that ring that floyd has not seen in his sam thirty five plus year career of boxing. You're talking about high school high school linebacker going up against barry sanders. Understand what you don't get about this. It doesn't matter how good high school linebacker he's going up against berry. Fuck that's right stan. That's right this is taken away from them. Just watch the fight one. Is this fight. June panther six june. Six in miami baby though going through my me. Baby deer ibn miami next week. Do you remember how. Bad floyd embarrassed. Cannella alvarez alvarez was undefended cannella probably pound for pound boxer and boxing right. Now he was undefeated fought. Floyd has only loss is to floyd. He was young. Floyd made him look like an amateur. He groped hutch. Floyd was awaits. Like what one at should they say. Hello actually came in at like one eighty. Yeah that canal came in super fuck and heavy. I was there at that fight. Live and do. The crowd was like seventy percent mexican. And they were quiet like fucking immigration was inside the arena to single out of dodging every single points. It was unbelievable to it was unbelievable. The best of the best of them that happen i watched therefore actually so far. That's all. I remember that for so vividly because i watched it at irv. Gotti's house in saddle river new jersey and i remember debbie deb. Debbie brown texting me sane. Us with me debbie brian. Text me saying. I think floyd gonna lose tonight now. He's a embarrassed could nello but the reason the reason i put it in the what an idiot category and i mean of course floyd way was not an idiot we notice. God knows how to make money. Nobody's made more money in boxing fan him. But i'm still a stern believe in legacy. Does everything got to be about money. Yeah i think it does when you get through. Get your point and then it's like. Oh wow i can make twenty million thirty million like i can make this money if you get knocked out though. He's not he's not nate. Robinson did robinson don't get on. Everybody wouldn't basketball. His legacy is done now. They don't even know why can't why why his legacy has done. 'cause snoop dogg says. You can't play boxing so he went in that ring with no box experience. Plan around with somebody who got boxing experience and he got laid out same thing going to happen to logan logan gets knocked out but i know he gets embarrassed. I know flowing on beef and less floyd had lost when i say several. I'm talking about several steps logan. Paul doesn't stand a chance. We all know this is seen some amazing running backs who hit by linebacker. And he's not that fast other ones that i to see floyd like don't wanna see nobody lose. I want this. I'm telling you. I'll fax you sound like four. This four four got hit and run four six now and you get hit. Yup you know what you sound like this what you sound. You sound like like the white guys when Sports were just getting integrated you know. And they're like trying to convince their friends they're like and there's no way those guys are going to be able to do it. Come on. that's what you sound like right now. Like it's absurd doesn't it is. It is absurd is very observed. He's he's floyd. Floyd is literally degraded of all time muscle memory will flow. I could go in their fight off muscle memory and win literally nothing. There's no combinations. No nothing logan can throw that and see how win but thirty pounds. No man. I just love legacy. We're like i think nobody shows you don't do nothing for no reason. You don't do things for money. Your meticulous about the things that you do now. Floyd needs the money shore. If he's just that type of guy who money motivates them and it's an extra fifty million dollars to grab on the table a go do your thing. You've earned the right to do that. But my point is what has logan paul done to be in the ring with floyd may with. I'd rather see floyd to a exhibition fighting oscar de la. Hoya wants to come back. He wants action. That i think right. Now we just want the carnival you know like i think i think you like what what logan has people care about him about his journey. They care about who he is. They listen to his podcast. They watch videos like they're deeply invested in who he is a human being and it's fun to watch somebody that you're invested in and that's why they made the twenty four seven series that we all love. Remember those twenty four seven documentaries before to fight came out you even know who these people were and then you watch the twenty four seven series. And you're like oh shit. I really liked this guy translate hard. He drinks his own. Pissy came from humble beginnings watching him. So i think with if you're designing boxing events i'm gonna design them around bans. I'm gonna go okay. The fans are obsessed with this person. So they're going to follow that person into the highest stakes activity. They could possibly do which is a human cockfight essentially right just fighting not to the death but to as close as possible and i think that's what it is like if people didn't care about logan there's no way that would have this fight but they do care about him though so floyd and oscar wouldn't generate the numbers that a logan floor. Don't care anymore. Man i think what if he wins the dress to the ring us under percents hundred that i would watch one thousand percent. Yes yeah damn man. I don't it. I would say it sucks that it's come to this but it's not it's not like floyd is all hard times you know what i'm saying. So he's doing it because he clearly wants to do it. I just feel like man floyd mayweather. I just don't know if. I don't know if i want to see you in the carnival. Well that's all. I'm saying i don't wanna see. I don't know if i wanna see you in the carnival. I feel like you don't have the play box. You don't have to play boxing. And you you demand you're the guy to earn a right to be in the ring with floyd mayweather. Why because it's a big ass pay so if you're if you get the chance to stick the stand across from floyd mayweather it means that you've at least done something and the where he thinks. You're a formidable opponent in boxing. Enough that at least get you that big payday. What has logan. Paul done to deserve it. It's not like why is boxing down. No i don't think so. Jake or logan. Oh no i don't think it's watering boxing. Die if anything. It's some interest. Boxing is boring right now. Dude like and the reason is boring is because boxers are marketing their personalities. You need us to like you. I'll be honest. That's one thing that you have see does really well is the. Ufc might not pay as much as boxers do. But they're taking some of the money that they're making and they invested back into marketing those fighters so now who these fighters are they create platforms with these fighters to talk on. They're constantly interviewing. They're constantly making sure that they got personalities. They're out there in the world and then when they fight. We're like oh i wanna see guy fighting boxers..

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