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Spaniards so much going on. I'm on this busy Saturday night. Torres. We saw the story out of the Washington Post. When it first came out. I'm like, Oh, wow, This is not going to be good for Dan Snyder. We're going to be young. Let's he's got to sell the team and this is ridiculous. But he wasn't implicated in anything. Nobody came out and said, you know that he was involved now, Of course he is the owner, but it is kind of disturbing that more people are saying he should sell the team. Then we are thinking about, you know, prosecuting the bad people here, and I know where a sports show and that's why I probably have more of that. But they were kind of losing the point. We should be going after the bad people on Dino. Dan Snyder maybe hasn't done the best job running Washington team, But we've got to go after the bad guys and prosecute them Also love first. Yeah, and I'm not trying to get political here. But I think that that has been a microcosm of our society. The last 45 months is that You know, we start talking about the issues and then it becomes about something else altogether. And I think for a lot of Redskins fans that have wanted Daniel Snyder gone. This is an excuse to focus on Daniel Snyder rather than one the victims into the people that were involved. Now they lost their jobs. I don't know if they can be prosecuted, but I think that what we should be focusing on is whoever is the owner of the Redskins. Creating a less hostile work environment, creating an environment where women feel comfortable showing up to work. Reporters feel comfortable showing up if they're female, and that they're not going to be harassed. And I'm with the Army. I think we're spending too much time focusing on Daniel Snyder and him getting rid of the team instead of who's running this thing, making it a better place to work and be around. Well, according to a statement. It didn't sound like a guy that was getting ready to sell the team. Andi, who knows he may buy out the minority owners or get new minority owners. But it certainly sounds like he's in it for the long haul. And I guess if I on the Washington team I'd want to be around for the change is awesome and see if I can get it back on track and bring in a new name. I guess if you were a new owner, you could start with a new nickname. Also one kind of start fresh, so I could see why Washington fans want to get a new owner in there and kind of start fresh in that way, you know? Yeah, And I will say this this not long ago, The same thing happened with the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban. Nobody said that Mark Cuban should sell the team. And so I don't think that Daniel Tonight I should feel obligated really quick, already kind of a talking point that came out of this. I'm curious for your opinion. Ah, lot of people have brought this up, and I think it's fair, doesn't it feel like a lot is being put on Ron Rivera's shoulders right now, like, you know, Daniel Snyder. Even in the statements, he said him myself and coach Ron Rivera trying to create Amore inclusive culture and Ron Rivera's supposedly involved in helping pick out the new nickname. It's like, you know, he's got a lot to worry about. I mean, he's going against, you know, Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys is going against the Eagles twice a year. He's got a lot on his plate, and I feel like there is a lot of non football stuff that is being asked of Ron Rivera. That, frankly, probably isn't fair. No, you bring up a great point. First of all it was he a marketing major in college, you graphic designer. Usually they hired out of, you know. Ah, company, a consultant. Yeah, they kind of crunched the numbers and say OK, after a six month study, we've decided This nickname is good. This one brings you in the most money. This one's the best. Politically correct. That's what's not good for you. This is the one we could have a patent on or we could, you know, trademark. You know what I mean? So you would think that I don't know this Rod Rivera have tied for all that. Yes, Yeah, I guess football's cut on the back burner that right? That's what I'm saying. Robert Kraft isn't asking Bill Bella check, Teo, you know, do stuff that has anything to do with setting up the offense and the defense for week one. It's just I'm not saying, you know, maybe Ron Rivera wants this responsibility. I mean, everybody around football raves about what kind of guy he is and what he'll bring culture wise to the organization. But I'm with you. I don't think it's on him to figure out how to Ah, you know how to solve all these problems? Well said, And as for making a better or safer, you know, workplace for female female employees. I don't know Is he part of human resource is going to get that together. Also, I don't know if you had time to put together a handbook that's going, Teo, you know, go to human resources that tell you the what you can't do in what you can do. I I don't quite understand is even which is incredible. You know, I'm telling you, man, and obviously look, there's bigger issues with the Redskins and you know it's kind of tongue in cheek, but I'm saying nobody no other head coach. It's hard enough to coach in this league. There's only 32 teams 32 head coaches, and they got enough on their plate without trying to come up with a new nickname without tryingto change, a toxic, you know, in in organization culture. It's just wild to me that all of this is being kind of thrown on his plate. I don't know if this if he knew what he was signing up for when he took the job, I'm not saying he wouldn't have taken it. But it's just kind of wild. All this stuff that's coming his way. Oh, he would have taken the job. That's what I mean. Yeah, soon is when he's done with his marketing part of waiting for the Copa go. Hi, this is Ron. We're going to see if you'd like to buy season tickets this year. To the games. Does he have to come up with the seating policy to is? He figured out who's coming in the stadium and who's not a 25% he's got? He's got a lot going on. Ah, our one in the books. Cruise of the Log, Man That's just full on by. Look, You want to be part of the show? Real simple Errand underscore, Torres. I'm instinct. Ingenious one. We had baseball tonight. How many of you guys got pumped up about that? But we didn't have fans will touch on that. We've got some envy a bubble to get to also next, right here on Fox Sports. I just see the lotta money with Hyundai. What are you doing right now? Oh, sorry. I just sing when I'm happy and I'm so happy because I just saved like $40 on these Nikes without even doing anything nice, so you didn't have to search for coupons? I hate searching for coupons It takes forever. And if I do find one, it's usually not valid or not..

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