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I think that he fascinates you because you have a thing perhaps as I do, which is you wonder how someone takes they get those balls. How do you get the balls to sit there and entertain the idea that you might get thrown out but that you might serve and that entwined with your fraud conflicts, which is like, oh. Why am I better than a seat filler the, you know, your mind's going gonna go there when it's like that we any place where there's classes imputed. That's not the word impound implied. Like your head immediately goes, what am I doing here? What am I? And so then you think, yeah, I, it's, it's both of those things. It's like like, what? Like, how can fuck in. So if you got if you were like, what would I and deny? Yeah, I did. Yes. All I did the seat. Also you do you kind of resets you, like you said, you go cheeses Christ. We're in the same space right now. Yours is fraud and that you're not supposed to be mine and so is by. And you have like some quirky in nineties indie movie thing where like I'm gonna give you this. My dead father's watch when it stops ticking. You and I trade back or whatever. Just sliding doors thing. Like I keep filling the seat or or like Donald Sutherland, comes down with a popcorn cart, and he's like, like there's like a seat filler coupon, but it's magic and so like, and I'm like being obnoxious and doing coke and going like, at least I'm not a seat filler, tell you what I wish. Anguish. I wish I could fill his seat just to show him how much more do with it. Sutherland popcorn. Here you go. I'm from Maine, lightning. Wow, wow. Wow. Are you referencing the Marsha Mason movie? I don't know what movie him. It's the Jason Robarts comes to town. Well, Jason wrote when you mean dream a little dream was what it was called it. No, it's the, it's a single mother. She's got a son, oh, Mr. dynamite or something like steak. He comes to town. Any changes this someone's life. He's a millionaire. It's ages old but somewhere. Oh, no, I I'm not familiar with this. I thought you were talking about like because we're vaguely alluding to bodies Wapping things. Did you see the thing with him and Corey Feldman. No, but apparently a lot of movies share the same. Yeah, magic abounds. All right. Well, let's let's bring out rob shops. Gentlemen back from a season. Championships. We welcome, wonderful, rob swamped, ladies and gentlemen, raw. Welcome back. What did we do during the show after the three hundred one I was here. I wasn't here. Are you talking to me anyone that was here? Shrub wasn't here the good thing you brought out. I was just lying Trump was here. Read you a quick. This is from like, okay, you want know me. Maybe it's maybe for one hour, it's safe to click your name. I get emails from the publicity firm ago, like, oh, press round up or whatever. And they even vet them for like, you know, they're not gonna like, you know, here's, here's all of your. You being mentioned on the internet, like lose clients. This is the first win for dealt swim shit, right? When is this? I don't. I don't. I don't know about that. I know. I mean, it certainly it was good to see you to Dan. Well, you paused and I had a thing. Okay. Here it is. All right. Sorry, a lot of that was just I don't know how to work my phone. You can't do that. You can't come out and then sit for five minutes and then I'm like, all right, moving on. I'm gonna do this thing, and then you're like, well, how do you do come out with a fucking story about a bear or something or come out, make yourself at home and chill. And I'm gonna tell my thing about my the thing. I got my phone. That's another way to do it. What? What do you want me to ask you like, oh, what's been going on host of the show. No, just invite somebody out to heaven, sit and watch. You talk..

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