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Exactly what it was the guy had the knife. And anyway, the neighbors is gonna be alright and this guy Brian Stewart was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery. I give them a couple months off of his sentence. Just based on the. Yeah. The originality of it's just in case. You kill somebody say, hey, I just kill them with kindness. That's a good one there, Bryan. All right instead of five years, four years and seven months. Good for you. So this one comes out of. Banal banal banal. Where's that? L is up by by GARRETT'S, neck of the woods. Is it have you heard of a Garrett? Florida. You've never heard of. The U N N E L L. Anyway, there's a forty year old guy is a fugitive. His name is Jesse pack and he had a warrant out for kidnapping and assault charges. When the cops went to his house, the woman there said Jesse was gone. He'd left a message Jesse had written on a mattress in magic marker. I know my warrant is active. I'm not here. I am finishing a job and turning myself in. Taps weren't convinced that. And. So they asked the women if they could search the house she said, yes, what do you think happened? There was Jesse in a fetal position inside a dresser dresser. Oh, yeah. No one's ever gonna search the dresser. He was not a big guy. I have a dresser at home, and I could not imagine being able to fit into he's a small guy. It's probably like five to whatever was. So, but certainly they search the dresser. You know, you can't you can't Phebus cops. I like this one. This could be my favorite one of the of the Florida proud. Group that we're going through here. The forty eight year old man. Who drove his Ferrari into a lake worth inlet last month? Told the cops that Jesus told them to do it. You're gonna drive me for Ari into a lake or inlet. You better have Jesus telling you to do that. There's no other excuse you can come up with the why you would do that. It'd have to be came from Jesus guy's name is Josh James Muccio. See also. See also just say James was up tearful beach was found by police officer parked on the inland. Doc, the morning of December twenty six according to this report a bicyclist had called police earlier that a dark-colored Ferrari was speeding down north ocean boulevard. Ferrari gopher now, let's find out two hundred thousand. I'm sure there are different numbers. You come up with different pricing won't like a new one. Of course, we didn't get an old one. I don't think James moves the us whichever us well deal. Well, it just looking at Ferrari the first one that come up the spider fifteen seventeen. Twenty two thousand dollars twenty two what am I come up with two hundred thousand? That's according to this. Well, maybe it's an older one. Ferrari zero on there. There's no Ferrari that's gonna be twenty two thousand maybe wheels tire for our entire anyway when the officer arrived late, but it's an engine never mind. Thank you. Twenty two thousand knucklehead shows a picture that car doesn't show picture of the when the officer arrived Lucy also was ruling his things from the Ferrari and placing them on the nearby beach. According to the report when the officer asked to see his license Muccio said that his friend told him to park in the dark, and he didn't have his license with.

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