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I'm writing for deadspin ripping bad chosen for baseball take game. We love hello. Everyone hope all is well despite being missed hub for the playoffs. I wanna take a brief intermission from that. Just took about miguel cabrera becoming to twenty-eight player to join illustrious five hundred home homerun komo's sunday since we're in you're twenty twenty one. Dan means that. There's a generation started from the year. Two thousand ten. That might not know how special he was and still liz. So just in case scenario might plots at anyone that may be listening. I'm gonna take it back in some really quick. The first time. I personally watch megi. He was a twenty year old looking for the van. Florida playing game seminar the nfc. Yes against the cubs he was facing kerry wood and account was one ball to strikes in men on the basis. He wrote a line drive just over. They had a walk here. Who's on third base. Before the next page. He is a fastball. Down in it and since it over the fist deep left center phil given the malls. Three run home run that would catapult them to the world series which in fact they ended up winning over the yankees is six so fast forward to december. Two thousand is seven the mall traded to the detroit. Titans ninety detroit. What really started to gig. He will go on to win four batting titles two home run titles to mvp awards back to back and in my mind the most impressive feat of all the triple crown just like the late great denny green's said crown. Is you know what as of right now that levitan all stars in his nineteenth season and the next check on the bucket list is mr three thousand like my guy bernie. Mac rest in peace. Mickey maze currently forty three his side. That moore and under contract for the next season in theory. He could become just a semi plates and accomplish fee for all that for later date right now i believe in taking a moment and letting the greatness of a twenty year old kid for venezuelan sinking and appreciate what he's become cherish the moments. We have to still watching because plays like mickey. Don't come along too often. It's getting warm out which means it's time to start planning your next outdoor adventure. The four broncos port was built with adventure seekers in mind. Pack up your things and hit the road with this four by four. Suv that's compatible with any trip. It was created to help. Make your journey's easy comfortable impossible. If features a high performance off road stability suspension system available off road capabilities and seven available goat modes to go over any type of terrain. Terrain management system includes five stared to go modes san slippery sport. Eko and normal so you can get wherever you need to go and explore beyond the paved path. It also has available advanced four by four. Would they twin clutch rear-drive unit. It comes in multiple colors and there are tons of available add ons like an interior bike rack or rooftop tents to prepare you for whatever your adventure requires so check out the twenty twenty one four broncos sport and make it your new travel companion built wild built for proud hi. I'm host sophie morgan inviting you to listen to equal to a new podcast about achieving disability. Equality with the paralympic games happening in tokyo. We're asking. Why should the story go next with my car producer. Sinead burke we'll explore big themes like legislation representation access and employment. I'm we'll seek out big solutions and rethink what's possible along the way. We'll speak to athletes activists allies from around the world. The exciting thing is we don't yet know whether story will take us but with guests like rj. Mitty jimmy djamil. The conversation is going to be compelling to come along with us maybe like me. You're disabled maybe not either way this story. Is you equal to is brought to you by the emmy award winning team that created rising phoenix the film about the paralympic games and made possible by the support of procter and gamble. Listen to equal to. That's equal t. A part of senecas conversations on the iheart radio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get. Your podcasts. Transcripts will be available. Hey it's wilmer valderrama from essential voices with wilmer drama podcast. You'll see hit the state farm. Some stories deserve to be told incredible. Totally true stories stories that we knew nothing about but the now we want to know everything about stories that were invisible but have found a way to travel from ear to ear stories the captivate us move us and even teach us stories. That used to be secret but that are now a podcast. Stay farm celebrates the fact that those stories can now be enjoyed by all. And that's what we want to share a bit of information that we can all enjoy as well state farm has surprisingly grey raids on car insurance. Yes for real if you need to ensure your car don't hesitate to talk to a state farm agent and take a look at the solutions then match your needs. It's easy for surprise. Grey rates that fit any budget comb when vizino state farm sta. I know bringing the closer guo me why. Mlb is better than the nfl or nba and it isn't even close. Baseball has some unbelievable roots. Are no people questioned. Whether it's the national pastime. But i got a story for your you ready for this. Baseball was played among the egypt's pyramids in eighteen. eighty nine. you hear me. I mean it sounds crazy but it did happen. I mean baseball has been played everywhere. You want to be honest. I aircraft carrier midnight sun game and alaska and then we just saw an iowa on the cornfield but yes it is true. Are you ready for this. On this day february ninth in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine the chicago white stockings. That's what they were. Call back then played against a team of national league all stars at the great pyramids in ginza. Egypt a place that i have visited and has unbelievable and they played their part of a tour all over the world presenting baseball. Can you imagine baseball. Eighteen eighty nine c. Real the love of baseball and baseball's travels stories. I just don't think other sports can say.

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