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The Santa Ana river bottom cal fire captain Fernando Herrera says mandatory evacuation orders are still in place there's a lot of homes basically to the north of the river bottom densities really tight and so were happy obviously keeping a good eye on that we have a lot of structured offense he's a strong winds pushed the fire early on but those winds have died down the fires burned one hundred seventy five acres and is twenty percent contained a regional power outage has briefly affected LA acts airport spokesman Charles the Nunzio says the outage happened just after noon today the effective power terminals one two three and the Tom Bradley international terminal as well some of our other airport facilities this is how it all terminals was restored in about half an hour president trump is met with public health officials at the national institutes of health to talk about the risk of the covert nineteen corona virus spreading in the U. S. trump was asked today about possibly extending travel restrictions look at a different areas and will make that decision with these professionals we made an early decision based on a little bit of luck I suspect but that was the original decision on China trump says his administration is working closely with states on dealing with the growing threat of the virus health and Human Services secretary Alex aides are says the administration is working on challenges with global supply chains and nine deaths from the coronavirus have now been reported in Washington state most of the deaths in the state have involved people at a long term care facility in Kirkland the first death at the life care center was reported last Wednesday public health officials have said the virus can be serious to the elderly and people with compromised immune systems for the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center we make it easy it's low on the two ten in Pasadena we're looking at the eastbound delays and they're backing up from the one thirty four freeway taking you ahead and stretches to citrus citrus more.

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