United States, CDC, Fever discussed on John Rothmann


Four one five eight zero eight zero eight and by the way state department today confirmed there will be additional evacuations from China American citizens here's what the spokesperson said the department of state is working with the U. S. government inter agency and people's Republic China counterparts on staging additional flights for US citizens to return to the United States from one four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten many many more of your calls some two hundred forty one people mean I states are under investigation for the virus in addition to the six confirmed cases a hundred and fourteen people tested negative a hundred and twenty one are still pending that according to the CDC the infant grandson of a Chicago man diagnosed with the virus has developed a fever and is among those being tested and you know delta American United Airlines announced they are temporarily suspending all flights to China in the wake of the public health warnings including a state department do not travel advisory issued yesterday let's get your comments for one five one by the way the masks they say the masks don't work but there's a stampede to get them are you gonna get a mass four one five eight zero eight zero eight ten John Rothman right here on TGO John Ross met on KGO eight.

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