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Just because you know. I love fitzy and i'm you know i'm big washington fan but i do think in terms of backups. They have taylor heineke who they like quite a bit and by the way they also kyle in there who's been in that system for a number of years in coming back off of his own ankle injury last year's too bad news for the broncos although it look like it was going to be really bad news for jerry judy. What do we find out about their second year wide receiver. Well there's still more to learn field because he had what's being called. A high ankle sprain if you saw the mechanism yes. It definitely looks scary. A lot of people thought that he had broken his bone at the ankle. So it was a tours. Injury foot got turned out away underneath them with defender on top of him and that is the mechanism for a high ankle injury now. The xrays initially showed no fracture. But i would remind people case in point. Michael thomas had a heinkel sprain that did not involve a fracture. You can still have a significant injury. Depending on the extent of the damage. Whether it's ligaments locally wh how far it extends up the leg whether you have damage to the medial side of the ankle which is what happened in the michael thomas case so a lot still to be learned about the nature of the injury before we start qualifying. How much time jerry. Judy could miss okay. So we expect him dismissed some period of time. If the broncos place them on. I r that would put them out for at least three games. Three weeks is the new earl matthews. We might not see him until week. Five at the earliest but it sounds like it could be even longer than that to because he was playing great yesterday before the injury six catches for seventy two yards on seven targets of thinking about this. Is there a next man up in denver or you know yesterday's performance. The context is important. They are planning playing against a good giant secondary. Would really limited portland sutton in a major way. One catch for fourteen yards. I'm not sure that this is a one for one situation in endeavor. I don't think it is no fan. Had a nice game as well. We talked about no fan on fantasy football now on sunday morning. That hey with with james bradberry with dorie jackson that we thought that like hey they might be limited in terms of where they're going to pass the ball and so the expectation is that probably trying to run the ball They tried to attack the middle of the field which they did with no fan. And so i don't know i don't know that there's suddenly like with jerry judy out all of a sudden go pick up k j hamblur or whatever. I don't think there is. I do think you see an increase in target share for portland sutton and i do think better days are ahead for him. To your point they'll be easier match ups for the broncos. And i think no offense you know. No offense raises up the sort of overall tight end ranks. There are believe it or not draft your team for the season on. Espn dot com. So there there are drafts. That are happening this week so i was. I would expect no offense to go higher in the tight end rankings titan. You know as you get as you go to the drafting the position. He should be drafted higher than he was in the preseason but yes i agree with you. Feel there's not one particular player that i would say like. You gotta go pick them up. I i'm gonna. I'll turn it back to you when you're writing. The free agent finds column like feels like there's a lot of other wide receivers you would prefer in more potent offenses than a number two to court sutton in denver. Not a great waiver. wire week. I'm also trying to be proactive. And not leading people stray. It's week one some that don't sustain Yesterday caja hamblur had a long long touchdown. That helped should have caught. Probably and if he didn't change the tenor of the day. Tim patrick did find the end zone on four catches. I just think that for an offense that you pointed out this chiefs bucks. you can't have. You can't count on thirty points a game that maybe the reality is that we expect portland sutton to get back to where he was. We just hope for the best jury duty and in the meantime nothing more than a deep league flex for one of one of the other guys. Yeah i mean look fantasy. I mean sorry. Patrick in hamblur will get more looks but the idea that one is going to separate themselves a way that judy did where you know like these guys are starting at least at the moment. I don't think so they're both players But yeah to me. I would think that like if i was doing overall flex rankings. Next week it will be sutton and fant. And then you'll have hamlin. And patrick for the daniel referencing. Earlier is to fund your. He most hurt left the game early for the forty niners as well. It's really just so unfortunate remo serves been plagued by injuries For for years now and and yesterday was no different left. The game early second quarter. I believe only had to What was it to to carries ers only two fantasy points for you. All we knew was that it was his knee kyle. Shanahan said after the game that he was going to get his knee further evaluated when they got to greenbrier. Those who aren't aware forty niners have a game in east coast. They are going to greenbrier and west. Virginia staying there this week for practice so he was expected to give further evaluated when they got there last night. Once we have those results will share them. Shanahan did say he did not He heard that they did not believe it was an acl so they thought that was encouraging but nothing further specific as of yet who's comes on the heels of an interesting morning and credit words to hear adam schefter had elisha mitchell. The forty niners backup running back as the backup running back which is important to note because some people thought him up the third or fourth string running back ally mitchell six round. Pick this year. He was active. Trae sermon was not active. And beyond that when the game when it was when when most did go down. Who was not michael hasty allies mitchell. Who took over in this role and he played great. He leads the nfl rushing so far right..

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