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So she's a feather weight. So we don't have the featherweight. There is no why is cat who what what the despite? It can't just fought up at feather. Yeah. But there are there isn't a featherweight rankings yet because the division hasn't been filled out or whatever this such. Alright just threw me off with let me see here. What's going to happen? And for MandA not a lot of people. I mean, Holly home is definitely that styles make fights. That's an interesting fight. Because you know, she would you know, I I mean, she's very skilled standing, and she's more of the matadors he's inches out. Just got the kicks. I mean, I, you know, I mean, she's got all that boxing experience. So she might not be there to get hit nothing that she got she took shots for much Jemaine mandatory. Yep. Well, engine means in that mix. He's writing one. Yeah. So what is that Keller's record by the while she is tenant attended? Okay. And she out for a long term. I don't think I'm reading here. She was supposed to fight on the twenty second of September. But she pulled out due to a knee injury. Like in August of. So I I would assume she. Four months ago. She's probably getting ready to fight again. Okay. Does she have anybody lined up and has she fought Holly outta hollies? Esta has she fought against you can't fight your main because that someone's gonna fight Amanda. Right. Well, I mean like like you're saying I mean Holly is definitely an interesting matchup against Amanda. But she's already matched up. Can't Lavera could be in the mix germane to renovated probably guy beat random over that just because calendar hasn't fought and the one that you say earlier we talked about dean Thomas he was on. Joe Rogan's podcast one. Is he going to be in here? He'll be on Thursdays show next week so Wednesday for. Cowboy come in. I think how I mean still trying to lock it down a particular time, but he would be on Thursday shows. Well, so he becoming almost so he becoming the same day as all right? Why? No more than Marya here usually comes in with a posse though. So does have some chance, you know? Don't you worry? We'll he'll say, hey, listen, man. My buddy Deane Tom is coming to town. I think every time I'm in charge cowboy how much he would love it. And how much I hate it. Herbal. It's like bad tire bills on a flight. I had the worst turbulence ever come back from Disney with my old, you up a little all you said that was it was it like it was bad dropping and. Yeah, it was like yo where the kids scared. No, they were, you know, looking at like a ride would thing. My wife was a little bug, but it was wrong. Yeah. It was bad. I don't usually I've I've been on a lot of planes, and is probably one of the worst have out everybody the whole night or just coming in everybody got quiet, and I was on the way back coming home. How how long how long was the turbulent? I listen on YouTube on like it was like twenty five minutes. I go on YouTube and turbulence videos, by the way, was the entire that house that it's fun. People scream. Yeah. It was socially twenty-five, thirty minutes when I was going into my gig in Seattle, I had to fly, you know, they come through Portland or whatever and an hour before like we're going to have the flight attendant sit seal like you have an hour of fucking bad Pacific northwest turbulence that was horrible to planes tilting. Yeah. But I've also saw diagram once on the outside of somebody drew a diagram didn't computer animation. This what you feel inside what it's just jostling shaking. And this is what it looks like outside and the planes hardly moving little mile ticks because they like the planes in sitting still it's actually going really fast. So it's just kind of skipping over things. But it's not falling. Don't get worry Jimmy about little turbulence. I don't like it..

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