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Rob Harry Carey wants bellowed one about the pitching. The mantra is different for Joe Madden whose cubs finally got a big hit last night. Indian has three run Homer. It's more. Like what about the hitting? You gotta get back to our offensive methods. So we could split these games. Open a little bit and win them. And then take some of the angst off the boop boop has been pitching under these conditions for bit. Yes, they have prior to last night's win. The Cup score. Ten runs and four games. Splitting them, but not wide open. John Lester goes in this afternoon thrill five-star while the brewers meet the pirates and they remain a game and a half. Bagging Rinaldo Lopez does the pitching in Baltimore tonight with a sock tried to hand the Orioles their one hundred six loss. Northwestern lost last week. And Ryan field wasn't Phil partly because classes haven't begun yet. Same for tonight's game with Akron, leaving the tongue pet FitzGerald utter. These words I can still come. It's a party six thirty Saturday. So feel free to come in early. I don't know if I was a student. I leave home early. I wouldn't be sticking around home. I'd come to college part of did he do that? When he was a student. Nineties didn't hear from the same from lovey Smith who marches his ally night a Soldier Field for a rematch with south Florida where they lost last year. Forty seven Twenty-three the Blackhawks open training camp with more question marks than you would find in a how to handbook, but most importantly is the window still open to win a Stanley Cup with an aging core. The last one hit a nerve with GM STAN Bowman I don't buy into this idea of a window. I think that that's been bandied about by everybody. I don't I don't know when that came into vogue, but the championship Wendo stuff is for people to talk about. But our players don't talk about it. They were focused on preparing themselves to to win the next game. And then after that it's the next game Bowman cited the Washington Capitals who finally wanna Stanley Cup with the number of longtime core players Floyd Mayweather, in many pack L expected the fight again in December the bears have plenty of new players know beyond display Monday night.

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