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Daniel and Daniel was calling him because he and his wife were very intentional about wanting to foster some children they're out of debt they've got an emergency fund and he was calling in just wanting to know what are some things to budget for and to be able to look out for and then you'll get a want to just like you and your wife for your hearts to be able to reach out to be able to help looking at this here's my thought about the budget you said you always sitting at writer of three four months emergency fun I like the idea of bumper that up to around six months but then started to look at the practical side of things of the typical expenses your your your food budget is going to go up obviously you might have more entertainment as well as you look at this beginning to give yourself an opportunity of what is the buffer is you're looking at your budget but as we were during the break at the brought up some good questions that he wanted to ask yeah Daniel we ask you two quick questions currently where are you living is it a one bedroom two bedroom and what kind of car you drive a is it just a small enough Kerr for you your wife for his car that could hold a three a potential kids yes so so if you have a house we we did not have a do something out of order so check on the register we do by how what number where would it end up some money into it kind of shocked when we actually had to pay off debt why should we kind of got our mercy from built paid off all this debt bought a house and that's the amount of workers interests we have a better swimmer are expected that there that doctors Albert but we bill about money again to get to a point where we could be where we are to have a car do you have so we have a small a hobbit which is five seater car then I have a I have a Peter Pan I guess you could say so I I drive a mini van probably every day though because it often dogs or not that settles loosely where you are what is the average for fostering a child per month I know the national average it can range anywhere from six fifty eight fifty but do you know for example where it is for you in Texas are you talking about money you were seen arriving yes Sir yeah that's just it depends are agency days are so little and others are because we try to use that money necessarily because we feel like we're on a budget our money but it is not ever given word we use music for childcare thanks I know how bad typically I want to say the daily rate I can earn Mr I want to say it's around like the how do the daily rate I can't remember my thirty Bucks yeah it's a dirty all day for the basic and it goes up depending on what level okay well I love that you guys I think here's the here's what I want to caution you on typically in situations like this your national Tennessee natural tendency is to think you need bigger a bigger vehicle bigger place to live and you don't what these kids need to stability and that's what you guys are gonna bring to the table and so being prepared from a food budget standpoint obviously depending on the age and stage of the of the kids that they come in but just be ready to just love autumn and guide them and again I'm just I'm probably you guys praying for you and open that you you really are able to make a serious impact on these young people for as long as you have them and so I think that that is a true ministry and not take someone with the right kind of hearts or want to graduate you for that thank you very very much for your call up next up we're going out to California and I've got court was on the line Carlos what's your question for Anthony hi there my question is if I should stay for four years and buy a house in cash or by June piled in a year stop renting man is that's a nice way to give it a bit give me a little bit information about this of Carlos where you found a baby step so you get free I'm guessing your debt free you already have your three to six months of expenses right yes we actually that merges the fine is going to fully fund and next month cattle we kind of wanted to I wanted to leave you my fiance and I would.

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Daniel discussed on Dave Ramsey

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