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Company. Looking back in the program. I like this song. Get lucky second now up all night to get lucky okay. So that's hilarious. At this whole time I was doing playing the sound effects. Guys couldn't hear and most other shows would say. Oh it's time to we redo this and like you. Now right take two. We're not into the before and after we took this a little break and Hung so see if it works any better with a thing right about how. There's just things that I don't want to do right some many. Oh my God today is just going to eat a dick and I know the fucking day is tell today that I don't WanNa and I WANNA win. Is there a God? Damn why'd you talk over that now you're talking about the sound effects. I didn't know was coming up. I put my finger up in the air like I was looking down and I wanNA use of love that well. Yeah well I'd get mad at you and and hold a grudge and I WANNA I. I don't want to. I take it on the street and really mess you up man but I wanna I wanNA yeah all right they wanna mom was played every all these things were playing. I was like I don't think I don't want us. I want to talk. I don't want cleanest all of them Yeah we weren't laughing at all or anything like what did I read them with my lives. If I said Oh I don't I don't want to organize it might closet. I don't want the dog pool doing zoom meetings and I wanNA okay got it. Oh my artist to what was like. I don't. I don't WanNA say funny but early call it funny time. I don't want to wait to watch back gift. Our reactions are just deadpan. While you're like kind of having this like Yeah you guys wanted to join in the fun and your toes. Stop and go like what's wrong with you now. I we want to do this new you WanNa share or oh I have three. I'll go really quick because this segments dying fast okay. I don't sorry Ross. I don't want to empty the dishwasher because there are four people all I do is actually occupied. Don't like washing down the food and wiping groceries. Every time I have them delivered to have to pick them up. I don't WanNa do this segment and you WanNa. Cj a new roll of toilet paper on the row giving more tank is on Ebay. I don't feel like going to the guest and I wanNA total by Tesla. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa be well I don't i. Don't you know when the afternoon when I if you're lucky? In the afternoon you may get another poop remember the eighteen inches long so you like what? I I missed part again. In you know in the morning you wake up and you have a nice movement of course. That was the best one. It's the best and then if you're lucky you get one in the afternoon and sometimes the one in the afternoons a little turn or something but that little can lead you into wiping your but for hours and I. I don't WanNa do that. I don't think it's worth it not about. Is there another one? I know what you call it. A Marker Oh yeah I do talk about the ballpoint pen Babu Pen when or when you know. That's why I love my Meta because it's a clean situation but like we've all been there when it's not so much a cleans you keep wiping your like. If they're a ballpoint pen and whole like why is it just describe it? Why is there stuff every time I why? Why is it still still still going? I go. Is there a ballpoint pen? And that's know it just keeps drying. Yeah yeah on the tablet. Cgu got it go to go for her. Okay Okay you say that again. I don't WanNa cut my toenails. Don't WanNa anything else. I don't WanNA clean my bathtub. Well I'm mad at you all why because it would have worked better if you would've stopped me and said rosters no sound effects plane. We know I said Multiple Times. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a sound effects and you kept ignoring me? I thought you were playing like. Oh that fix bad. Wouldn't it be nice if the fact that's true? That's what I would do. Actually Yeah I was playing. He's just adding play. Would you see the fact that I don't WanNa play this anymore? Fine Oh boy what taxi. Today it's really funny. What do you have for us with what I say God? I have cranking corner okay. I want your grabbing.

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