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Just here for the farmers. This hearing save comments. No written comments will be received or admitted into the record. It's february. And the Arkansas plant board is holding a hearing the product Cambe faction wants the board to reconsider the cutoff date for spraying. They want a later date. So they can use Cambe farther into the growing season. The meeting is in a large ballroom of a hotel in Little Rock. The stakes are high in the tension in the room is palpable. There are farmers dressed in jeans and work boots. And a sizeable number of lawyers and business suits, also in the house are a good number of people wearing buttons from the Audubon society and Sierra Club Monsanto was bought out last year by bear crop science. And they're here in full force senior vice president Scott Partridge tells the board there shouldn't be any cutoff date for spray the proposed regulations or to create restrictions that depending upon the location of crops and weather. Could actually take this tool out of the hands of the very growers. You're trying to help our urge you to reject. The proposed restrictions. Here reminds the board that farmers and other states are seeing the highest yield and cleanest fields in two decades. In fact, Texas Georgia right now are submitting requests to the EPA for greater use of dicamba products in their states. We try to talk to Parkridge during breaks, but he won't talk to us. The meeting lasts until early evening. Many in the room appear glassy eyed after hearing scientists testify about things like volatile sation drift and atmospheric loading in the end the board votes to extend the cutoff date for spraying to may twenty fifth giving pro Kemba farmers victory time to use the herbicides during the growing season. Sean Peebles, the organic farmer leaves the meeting before the vote he can see where things are headed. And he's had enough impairs the mall to the story state of Arkansas. So they're not going to protect me. So I'm going to protect myself. Those baseball Lambeau or no realize there's a very very good chance of somebody's gonna wind up dead over this just like my qualify. And what did I say when he came here, we're going to Fender sale, whatever it takes the way feel that we can do to defend ourselves. Is there going to be fights all fence rows, Karen, t it guaranteed? I bet you any mount money in the world. They will be five arguments in there might be another killing acquaint careful. Last fall, I had coffee with an old farmer. He told me about a grower in his community who had cancer and that five or six farmers helped bring in his.

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