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A pv and sedation or even a painkiller yeah so at pdp you know sorta traditionally is an antitank zaidi medication so your colleague mentioned that act um that that the volume derivative there are others like try the donor gaba 10 10 where they traditionally are just lowering the anxiety of that pet now there's a slight bit of crossover in some of them can have some pain reducing quality but these are not meant to create tremendous sedation for those patient we don't want those patients coming in you know struggling to walk or needing to be monitored the we're not giving us that it if per se were giving an at what we call on anxiety olympic or a medication that removes or reduces anxiety diagnostics this has to do you don't it it's interesting you say that so it actually improved some of the diagnostic accuracy that what we're doing so it allows me one to do a much more thorough physical exam to actually you i can't tell you how many times i hear from feline owners who come to us uh for a fear free exam this is the first time anyone has been able to look in my cat and mouse in a decade we hear them all the time because we're allowing them to relax and trust in all the whole fear free experience but to allow us to really do a thorough physical exams restores just stories i want to hear how a p v p is made a big difference for a pet well i think my kind of soapbox is cowie cowie has been a piece of mind for over a decade he is the probably the epitome.

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