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News radio libri insurance the White House press secretary is hammering the impeachment votes in the house Judiciary Committee Stephanie Gresham said a desperate charade in the committee has reached a shameful and democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is appearing in South Texas for a rally the former vice president appeared in San Antonio late this afternoon where he suggested taxes would be a battleground state in twenty twenty Biden told rally goers he would take care of the military both home and abroad saying there was an obligation to look after them Ford is recalling five hundred thousand super duty trucks because of a fire risk seems a seatbelt mechanism could create sparks when it tightens in a crash and that could set the carpet flooring on fire the recall affects supercrew models from twenty seventeen to this year soccer star Megan Rapinoe is endorsing Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren for president in twenty twenty in an announcement on Instagram or penal wrote that she is proud to endorse worn for being bold real and prepare to navigate the unique challenges the United States faces today the U. S. women's national soccer team captain posted a video of a phone call with the democratic candidate where she said consider me team Warren earlier this week for being a was named Sports Illustrated sports person of the year and time magazine named the U. S. women's national team as athlete of the year Tom Roberts NBC news radio hundreds of California voters say they have been registered with the wrong political party and the common thread may be a recent visit to the DMV Sacramento county voter registration and elections public information officer Jenna Haynes says the county has received about two hundred complaints about the issue of those two hundred a little more than two thirds said that yes they had actually done business at the DMV recently they had changed their address they had gotten a new ID card as many as six hundred Californians have recently received no party preference voter registration postcards in the mail you're listening to the latest from NBC news radio I thank them for great holiday television.

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