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Ac milan. parma Been with tears in argentina recently. Twenty five years old. There's also rumors rank. Kansas city around left-back right. While combination there jetro williams he was at newcastle alone Last year i think he's a contract permanently. That's where his contract is. He has twenty caps than other ones. That would be a good signing for them. As they looked to elevate it makes sense because it looks like and the asked reggie he says it's done general kabuchiko As well so also. Tyler freeman loaned to the two bundesliga out of kansas city. Which is interesting. Played a lot for The second team in us championship but hasn't really featured much for that first team We're going to get an opportunity overseas. They says a conversation. A lot of people and youth development are having of so. Yeah the us l. connection works we obviously have mls to coming online but there are some players who are probably ready to play an mls. Maybe don't get the minutes. How do you challenge them. And there's this idea that sometimes you need to just culturally challenged people so the soccer will challenge him one hundred percent. But we talk about eric. Palmer brown eric williamson is a big one with. This went on loan to portugal. It went terribly but he talks about the learning experience of leaving the country living in another culture focusing on the game only and allowing him to develop and so. This is a big conversation. A lot of people having a of at. We've seen our cell do it in seattle following rank with the austrian second division of like. How do you get guys this cultural experience that you used to get a lot of times college that now. Some players aren't gonna get gotcha. So more rumors here was his work. Done for the union phillies says bogert. Matas davos from christians is going to be done today ahead of the transfer deadline as well. They're also working on the mirror montero stuff but that doesn't have to be finalized today because it just has to be the where he's going. The transfer window has to be opening and that would be in europe. that'd be the end of august for him. As well there's so many here dynamos signed a panamanian twenty two year old central midfielder. Who who was awesome for the panamanian national team. Yeah this is a legit signing karski. Oh can play in this. It's an epic name. Let me just give it to you. I'd better cocoa karski kia. I mean it is a got a ski. And i miss in two names. Because there's two names in here that he doesn't add the dynamo didn't add but are on his mickey. He's got a lot of names. And i thought he was a guy that mls had missed on where it was like when people ask who in the gold cup will come. I thought he was already over. There wouldn't come back So this is a really good move for houston sounders. Nicholas been xay is saying he's going to the sounders from colorado. That makes sense..

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