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Truly, impressed. Spurs really Laurie how And? We had a whole, big thing with. Some, other. People in the camp ground they love that show Yellowstone. The, cowboy cowboy guys like Yellowstone is anybody watching Yellowstone you, having Costner USA it's paramount paramount Handelman in the back. And go shirts Was his hand it's kind of, you could see how many I. Well there's one person with. Good taste. You, know that over there all. Right anyway it was. Just it was. It. Was really fun I love it yeah so an envelope was as packed last night as it was the night, before the ladies looked as. Smoking hot is that that they did they. Didn't have as much bondage secure on they were. At a different outfits ball and black how I watch tennis to one thirty in the morning Isn't that silly Now Roger Federer was playing Madison key who. I don't know I should've surgery and the thing. On her shoulder. It was good I I know sports news for you today that you might. Be. Proud of okay tell. Me Aaron Rodgers did you? Guys hear this he signed a one hundred and thirty four. Million per year Patrick Thirty four. Million get it Erin danika Patrick is excited now I wonder if he's speaking. To. His family now that. Libya is out of the? Well I don't know that I hope they're spelled that shea. Sam That. Was a bang Sam who was she with before him I don't know they dated for so. Anyway that's like the sports news that's all I am impressed I know I heard it from somebody on the bus all right very good. It is day seven out here at the Minnesota? State fair today is what is? It read and. Write they bring your library, card and you get a. Discount did you know that One discount per card. There's going to be, deals? I've, merchandise, all over, the fair and. There's going to be a. Book book funding. Damn patch area so. Come to the fair and bring your book well we. Are listening, to the. Soundcheck Old Dominion is playing at the grandstand tonight they sound of music laundry oh fun hot country hot country act I don't know who's opening I don't suppose. You said the opener Meraz last night no Brett Brett Brett I heard someone. Making fun of me yeah. Was burnt yesterday who was making, fun of us someone who loves Brad yeah it, really was it. Was maybe Alexis yes she loves him she does. His, name I'm going to get everybody out there no Brett now I got it. Right he no because, they? Liked, him. They said, he was like. A pretty Brett Dennen Caesar. In a fine match for the headliner I bet people enjoyed them I wouldn't she was. In the frontier and enjoying Mr Dick dick yeah is that.

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