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Courageous. Future tribal nation seek and the one we have always worked for. We will forge ahead as we always have. We need the federal government to join us on that journey. Not stand in our way. No more in closing. I say to my fellow tribal leaders in all of indian country. We face grave challenges which we must join forces to overcome but we also have before us tremendous opportunities and together we must seize them the sacrifices of our ancestors our youth and future generations are counting on it remember as those leaders who came before us understood all too well divided. We can be ignored united. We will not be denied united. We will create that courageous. Few we seek. This is our shared native truth an ncaa. I continued to speak it to all who must-listen may the crater continue to watch over all of you are trying to leaders and all native people. Thank you will in. That was the full state of indian nations address. Delivered by ncaa. President fawn sharp as you heard he had a lot of things That point to issues that we are facing in our individual tribal nations even the point of consultation in the importance of tribes voice being woven into all of this She also praised present. Biden's actions among other things to rejoin the paris climate agreement revoked the keystone excel pipeline permit and his memorandum affirming the importance of consultation with tribes. And so if any of these points really struck you you can always reach out to us. You can send us a tweet at one. Eight hundred nine nine native and you can also email us comments at native america calling dot com or comet directly on her website and hearing her words about the federal government and the need for them to fully fund. Its treaty entrust responsibility. Where do you stand on that. All of these things could be great conversations that we could jump into a program often we do but there are definitely more things That we can point to and we're going to go ahead in a moment after the break here. The congressional response from alaska republican representative lisa murkowski so stay tuned for that as we continue our coverage on this year's stay indian nations address hang tight. There's morehead today here on native america calling. Thanks again for tuning in and we look forward to more..

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