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Fit that they would have yachts mccaw i would have four he was a dui you ball and i would again a fouryear sentence on that that a felony to that's salutes are we have a fouryear jail six in a in a no you got off and vindicated and you'd that move forward uh it's interesting because when we met in new york at joe namus golf tournament right obviously i knew who you were and a mutual friend of mine i asked him to introduce us which probably didn't know what i didn't know is that not only did you live right around the block from me uh but but you know the spiritual side of what you do that you might seperate religion and spirituality because i believe in all religions that that that believe in the truth and the purpose and all the things that you will rick warns one of my favorite guys joel's dean i listen to those guys i read those guys i preacher teach very similar concepts just in a non way i mean the issue that you mentioned the that that the the teachings that you do because i've been here now for three years yeah i mean you had the business model we have to be successful rip more and as the battle of how to be a successful christian right you know that that there's nails different levels there and and that's and that's what i find i think it was when in you and i met i think that's one of the reasons why we connected so quickly besides the cleveland and every saturday hitting too yeah because i think i had already been through that spiritual journey with in learning through bricks and again my baseball career and learning through added the or that be successful i mean i play for many manages that i didn't like but we still were successful and and in the circumstances though like for me like i was in a civil side of it not criminal right and i lost everything in people were lying in evidence was the my lawyer committed malpractice ah you know in the it was too late for me even when i got a big judgment for the malpractice i was in bankuptcy so the bankruptcy.

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