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He to- Andy Ruis in the marine before he get out. I will be seeing. Assume from that point own we should not even be talking about him. Possibly not taking fight is new is cool is fine but at the end of the day we should play out. I can't help it if the W._B._Z.. Champ is giving you some advice and letting the cow at a cat out the bag those quotes indicate wild is about to say but no one else he is doing Easter the product. He's the machine by every day so whatever you feel he should do. I would advise him to do it. You know and you think you should have a warm-up. I definitely do he. Housing a bad fashion you know and I see what I'm saying so bad fashion right would you compare deontay wilders draw with fury to Anthony Joshua's loss and the reason I access because obviously there is a contingency of <hes> boxing fans they believe wild loss that fight so they're both categorized that low as losses in the eyes of some so is it on the same level are me. We are an action you. I don't believe <hes> <hes> water absolutely had a better performance indoctrinate on the night even though both outscored a knockdown wider with more devastating if you've got the blessing of a referee who who was not like some of these been seen lately with a quick trigger who allow a fighter to try to get back up in the car will so yeah I think water at Louisiana better performed but that's not saying that that that <hes> Josh within didn't help good spots and by <hes> when the guy with the dental shot we all everything changed so maybe a Joshua Guy got this guy down once I was successful Russell by now I just got log on it but I know what I did and I gotta go back in there and make these days right. That's the bill to go. I'm a World Chevy. I've been a world champion. I I felt that Americans go. I been down and before I let see why. Would I let this away. That's the casualness man dripping offer you bro going with what built my legacy boxing America box repeats. It's a self my box repeats up. This is no different than Tyson fury story and this is what sane this is what separates a good team from great team Tyson fury in the eyes of the public like for all intents and purposes came out the winner of the wild defied and instead his team is directing him to have to tune-ups before FIS facing wilder. Okay let the people you know why is he. He did not get a fair shake but showtime so he wanted to go to a E._S._p._N.. Company way for the backing and the pools a win they do do a rematch. You have enough cachet and maybe not get a draw with water. That's why he went to us and that's all good theoretically Mike but you know what stage verse three of them So. It's not like I'm making that up very sent from his own mouth done so that's all good theoretically fury has no substantial evidence to back that there's is no way that he can assume or quantum fi what leverage a- deal with E._S._p._N...

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