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Sutton dealt with the fire injury against the forty Niners. You could see he wasn't on the field. Very often. Also case keenum's really bad that didn't help nothing downfield case keenum. He had the internal clock of like negative one second before he would throw a screen pass to somebody very very covered. It was always Matt Lacoste with a guy on it was filled. Lindsey with a guy on him. There were it was really an embarrassing performance to me for case keenum. He just did not stay in the pocket. Did not drive. The ball down the field did not challenge. What the size of Coralline? Sudden. I was look I was hoping if you're a Broncos defense owner you needed them to win this game. The ravens and Steelers lost. This was an opportunity for Denver to possibly make the playoffs. Now is a huge game. But until forty Niners. I mean, some of it. You lost your case keenum you lost Mary's Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders with nothing but rookies, so I it's it's difficult. Yeah. I agree with you. I agree with you kind of looks a little bit like how Matthew staffer looks. Which is you've lost golden Tate, and you don't look like you're in a comfort zone anymore. Bruce Ellington of the lines left with a hamstring injury. Didn't return. Lamar Jackson didn't play the final two snaps of the game. Because of an ankle injury. His x-rays were negative. This'll be really interesting because because he's I it was negative. He's going to be fine. You know who else is fine clear to play. Joe flacco Joe flacco, you know, what's crazy too is I saw John Harbaugh face. It didn't look like a face that wanted to play the mar- Jackson next week after he had that fumble. That basically cost them the game. I don't know. He just looked beyond frustrated with that play. We'll see what happens with the injury. Cory clements. Suffered a sprained knee looked worse than it actually ended up. And in. Mark Sanchez surprise surprise. First timing starting a game in something like twelve hundred days, and he was benched. He were a player signed this week. He was not the surprise. I mean, we all knew he was gonna stink and be terrible. And be the worst. The real surprise was Josh Johnson. What in the world? He hasn't thrown a pass since two thousand the number eleven quarterback on the week. Josh Zeke late in the third quarter. Yes. The quarterback one who was still listed as inactive and a lot of different places because I don't know he's been out of the league for half a decade more. I mean, it's saying, yeah, he's gonna stink next week. He's been rising. Star. Don't please no not really number Doug Baldwin Monday night football tonight, gametime decision when we submit like our rankings earlier in you know, before the weekend we have to make decisions on whether a player's gonna play or not I chose to go the direction of he's not playing. I don't think Doug Baldwin is going to go. But he is one of the toughest players in football. And he has a very he's got the power of persuasion over the history of his Seattle. I made the bet that he's going to be in the game and irrelevant four touchdowns. He's. Forty something. Yeah. Well, we'll see what happens. We'll keep you up today with all the latest injury news this week as you prepare the waiver show tomorrow. We're gonna talk some studs before we do that. I wanna talk about the stood up on the wall. You got an autograph juju Smith, Schuster jersey, look in nice. And he is such a good player. He is such a good play leave. He leads the league in red zone targets right now, which is fair. Nice. He is great. And couple of just really amazing catches got the autographed jersey up there from pristine auction. We pick up autographed jerseys from pristine auctioned all the time. These guys got.

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