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The people's Republic of China against the United States here in the Northern District of California and its US attorney David Anderson speaking earlier today announcing the charges against the fifty six year old suspect known as Edward paying accused of delivering classified U. S. national security information to officials in China. America is listening. this report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you. one oh six one FM talk extradition forthcoming for for inmates who escaped from an out of state county jail three of them making their first court appearance Sir you understand what you're doing yes actually issues waive bond is revoked. we'll be waiting for Ohio to come pick you up the last of the four Lawrence Lee was captured in some woods this afternoon near bacon street in Durham where he was hiding after fleeing on foot from a red roof St in Kerry that's where the other three were apprehended in a car in the parking lot this morning it's now being treated as a homicide a robbery that happened in Greensboro last week is now considered a murder after the victim dies police tell fox eight that twenty eight year old divine Wheeler is currently being held in Guilford county jail in connection with the hold up last Tuesday morning at the roadway inn and suites on cedar park road that's where they found the sixty four year old employee in critical condition a wake county woman taking their trash to the curb is struck and killed it happened this morning Kerry police say that a sixteen year old boy who was driving an SUV he came around a curve on kiss tell your drive and hit fifty two year old Sandra Vera Stuckey the investigation is ongoing neighbors tell ABC eleven that the area is frequently used by drivers as a cut through with many speeding on the residential streets there's a new team captain for the Carolina hurricanes Kyle Wilson as more as the hurricanes prepare to start the regular season this week coach Ron Brenda Moore has selected Jordan Staal to where the see the thirty one year old veteran had previously served as an alternate and co captain in previous years just excited about the opportunity and.

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