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Kill your Mike can we get it let's put a ticket in on that Mike I hear it do you hear that Mike it's driving me insane it's driving me bonkers three oh three seven one three eight two five five all right Colin will not on a let's go to a car question Linda what's going on in September I was backing might two thousand eight Lexus owners of the drive way and it suddenly accelerated and smashed into the neighbor's car across the street and bounced like a billiard ball come running it bounced back onto my lawn and hit three trees going sideways across the lawn and across the driveway miraculously I was fine I walked out of the car but the car was a rack oh my goodness what failed on the car you you you alluded to the fact that this was not you doing this now the brakes wouldn't work the steering wouldn't work it was like of a roller coaster ride at lake side only not one I wanted so what happened so I assume your insurance paid for whatever damage or what happened my insurance paid for the car damage and my neighbors car but nothing for it the landscape damage close it with my long hard and I did it I gotcha but I kept thinking how could this happen because I know what is striving to stop and steer the car is what do you think what did the people that repaired it what did they think happened now it why can't repair I would never get into this death trap again in the insurance company total they have a different car today look at it I mean did they try to figure out what happened well I kept thinking how could this happen and I remembered about thirty years ago there was this thing with all these suddenly accelerating yeah so I went online and sure enough Lexus recalled seven million all of my model car await Lexus are X. three fifty right now yes I do see that there are a few blogs are here we are describing almost identical with he was going through the steering wheel locks on the brakes don't work so what is what is Alexis say about it here's the problem no you don't even have the vehicle anymore that's the hard part you have nothing yet yeah my insurance company adjuster and Lexus has their own a jester and they have like the black box in the car in event data recorder and its proprietary software no one else can figure it out except they are engineers of course because it's their product but you can sue him and figure that out but I'm gonna go back to what I said before you don't have the car or the black box it's probably in a little break the size of it's probably been jumped already is my point out that there say they're insisting the car worked fine there's nothing wrong with this hearing nothing with the break I got to my fault Linda I understand wondering if there's a federal agency I could contact the deals with problems I'm gonna give you I'm gonna give you real advice after this break so you just hold tight okay I don't know if you're gonna like it or not actually you might like it but seriously I'm gonna give you real advice on this one is so hold tight three oh three seven one three eight two five five.

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