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I'm just so goddamn sick of dealing with this fishing a barrel approach to this thing that I. Really don't care about. But that's the kind of thing that makes you. Well, let's now why like what else is out there that I just don't that. I shouldn't take face value. You certainly see this political reporting. There's so much reporting about, you know, third hand unsourced rumor of this thing, we don't do the sources present with a person's editor does. But then you know, might end up being wrong in being complete. But it's. I don't know. I think that's just how journalism is. I think that journalism is like you don't get to spend six years getting to five nine of accuracy in this. This has to get posted. And you got to move onto the next thing. But it can be maddening. So I'm with you Michael Crichton, Michael Crichton, God has got his game still still going strong after all these years. Didn't he pass away? Gosh, I hope not think he did. Look, all right. Well, the second article that I put past passed in two thousand eight thought so he he's six foot nine, but he was shorter. Now, I'll be horrid swaddled. I read the book Congo ceiling book is I've read I think I think I read Congo, but I've read drama strain. Now that's him to of course, he wrote the Jurassic Park films. I read a bunch of his earlier stuff before the drastic figured writer. Right. Yeah. He's great. Yeah. And he righty are. Did he ready are because he was a medical doctor if I remember correctly. Yes. Yes. I think he wrote QR so okay. Here's some I've read the Andromeda strain read that did not recon go read sphere sphere is a good one. That was in the abyss time period. Remember, the movie the abyss? Yeah. It's hard to get a good copy that these days I'd love to see it sphere was like his version of the abyss. Okay. Okay. Dressing park was nineteen ninety s and that weird. Well, I mean, the movie came out in like what ninety three ninety four. I it's why. Yeah. Happen quick. And apparently he wrote and directed the original Westworld and coma. Look at the comb. I remember everybody reading that. But with that creepy cover you remember he wrote runaway. Do you remember that with Tom Celik? In that in the show. Oh my God. Look at that. And seeing that was gene Simmons Kirstie alley. What back it's crazy movie? If you haven't seen it. It's one of those places Star Wars. Space shoot em up it. No, it's not at looks like that from the picture, but this is fan. I recommend it. Okay. Pause. Everyone must go watch this ridiculous movie. Basically, this is a movie where? Where tiling portrays a police officer assigned to track down dangerous rights at the rain. Simmons is a science stoops to profit from his malevolent manipulation of robots robots or not cool robots. They're not robots like, Android. They're not. It's not like bladed bloop robots here. Like dumb little metal robots that walk around like super slow on the ground like cockroaches. And and explode, and there's some that. I think have a syringe in them and inject you with things like and like the robot. I think people have robots in their homes, but they're all that sort of eighties. Omni magazine, sharper image robots that are white like tweak with the gripper on them. And like you you kind of put a tray on them. And they're like the robot can make drinks too many. What you just roll out? Try and black Monday brings you drinks. I yes like that. That's the kind of robots and there's one robot that supposedly is like his housekeeper that I think gets destroyed and eight you're supposed to feel emotion for the this robot. Anyway, I highly recommend this. I mean, I'm not going to suggest that people get high and watch TV. But if you're looking for something to watch when you're high imagine this movie would do really really well for you to everhart beeps heartfully. Art beeps. Yeah. Google heartbeat. Heartbeats? Yeah. But gene Simmons is in this, gene Simmons. What does he Jensen something? Oh, he was in. I think it was Angie Tribeca heartbeats. Oh, jesus..

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