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Loud has been three days off day weather announced today, even though it's chilly out. It'll be the second game of the big one sixty two. And it's the reds debut pitchers Suttie gray acquired in the off season. From the New York Yankees. He'll be opposed by Trevor Williams coming off a career year for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Fourteen wins in twenty eighteen for Williams. Those are today starting pitchers brought to you by western and southern financial group helping to make Cincinnati the best place to live work and enjoy life. Yes, it's the reds and the pirates after a glorious opening day to the twenty nine thousand nine season. Now, can they replicate it with a win today? We shall see Cincinnati, of course, celebrating its one hundred and fiftieth year of professional baseball, the oldest as we know and to most of us the best franchise and all of of organized baseball major league or otherwise. And some of it likes to chronicle history is my next guest. He is someone who I referred to as the moral and social conscience of Cincinnati sports journalism and John Aurora is at it again. He has a brand new book out called baseball revolutionaries. Sounds like it could be some sort of third world country come north or it could be somebody that just kind of stirred the pot up all those years ago. We'll find out as we welcome in on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline, the aforementioned moral, it's social conscience of Cincinnati sports journalism. John John, welcome to the show. How are you? Can't. Thank you very much. Yes. I was not around in eighteen sixty nine. But I feel like I was and I'm all set to talk about. So you did not know Gutenberg, right? Hey, matt. Now baseball revolutionaries. Let's talk about that. That's your new book that's out. And you're going to have a big launch to that. At Joseph Beth this coming Wednesday this coming Wednesday. We'll get into the times and whatnot. But anyway, tell me a little bit about the concept of this book. The concept was something. I couldn't resist because it actually for me came little too quickly on the the book last year, which speaking of third world countries having just come back from Cuba. Serious iron our. But when the one fifty came up. Had no choice, but to dive in and the most amazing thing to me about the book was yet. Just one hundred fiftieth anniversary amazing thing seems very fresh and current because the Heiner bit team here we right in this spring training modern day uniform defensive shifting analytic international baseball to the current one hundred fifty years ago, Harry Wright, Harry Wright, and his brother was George right Georgian. Thing about George was the best hitter on the team and the best all around player in baseball. Very bad at his Brother Number One in why? Because the guy got him. Forerunner van. How about that? So so these guys that are at the epicenter of what baseball is all about. And certainly here in the greater Cincinnati area. A lot of them were ahead of their times. I mean, if you're talking about analytics and analyzing things like that. And that was at the games inception. So there was no history. There were there were no sabermetrics to fall back on no war anything like that. So that's that's kind of the epicenter for it. They were basically inventing history and my favorite stat and the whole book, it's not really a status more or less than lightning materials that George right was born two years after the invention of the shortstop position, which he revolutionized and get this twenty one years later, he was playing the position in Cincinnati. A few years ago. I found his granddaughter who said it is knee in Boston being taught about the game. And I couldn't believe that. I found the granddaughter boy Gail who the guy who basically invented shortstop he revolutionized it, and it is very much. The position we see being played today. And and your co authors on this or Greg road. So we know and Greg gauges is that his name. Yeah. Greg ages did a great job because he's basically our chief researcher and my favorite number. He came up with was it. And the first baseball league was basically in eighteen seventy one two years after they started the game here in Cincinnati. The city is I call say to me baseball famous, but my favorite status eighteen seventy one the year the first league did you look at the number of balls in play the ball is in play ninety five percent of the time. Now, it's only sixty five percent of time. Why is that? Strikeouts. To walks. A lot of home runs and get my favorite of all the stats is basically back then one triple per game. Now, it's one triple per five games. So let's get back to the exciting baseball eighteen seventy one. I think that's the way the game is going John. I just you look around the league there's an emphasis on offense. And there's a real emphasis on on games that have that in our entertaining. And I think that's what this team this year is going to be I think it's going to play a lot of games at finish eight two six six two four seven to five. I think you're gonna see a lot of what has become the norm and other cities here, it's not a reflection on bad pitching. I just think that there are so many analytics right now about ball release and spin and all that that hitters are just getting more information on pitchers, and they in our staying ahead of the curve that way, and and finally it seems like the reds are catching up to that. Yeah. It's very true. My favorite interviews. You had was on last week with Joshi. He made the point that all the rules. Baseball is trying to put into the game today and experiment with an independent leaks. Have nothing to do with the amount of action in the game. And that's a big drop off. MLB not to pay attention to that. Because again, it you don't have excitement in the game. You don't have much of a game. And really we're getting away from the excitement part of it. You know, one of the things I I wish adding with John he is the moral and social conscience of Cincinnati sports journalism. And I know because he never corrects me when I say that one of the things I think that's cool about this book that you've written baseball revolutionary subtitle. How the eighteenth sixty nine Cincinnati. Red stockings rocked the country and made baseball famous if they were not only making this stuff up as they went along. You gotta remember there weren't a lot of teams to play back then. So the other other other cities other groups were looking at the reds and saying, well, wait a minute. That's pretty cool. Why don't we get aside together and see if we can't play them? So it's kinda like, Adam and eve, right? I mean. Indiana Aviv to make the thing keep growing, and I think that's that's one of the neat things about eighteen sixty nine it's not just the reds. The red stockings started here, but they spawned all these other teams around the mid west baseball was coming alive in one of the things I say about it is that other cities copied Cincinnati because they wanted to advance their city through the sports itself familiar with Chicago took off on it. And actually by year two it's a planet. Cincinnati's the top Facebook sitting in America. But the game was invented if you will in New York in the red stockings went there for a month long trip to the east and went undefeated twenty and old road trip. Came back with the toast to the nation's storm months later took the transcontinental railroad which was in its first year out to the west coast won all the games there. So they were just absolute pioneers, and they say much more current than people might think well, speaking of current John we only have one game to build on one game to see you've always been optimistic when it comes. To the reds every season. What do you see for this team this year? Well, I refused. The rain on any great because I do believe hope springs eternal. I'm looking for low eighties win total and for them to be in the conversation in September and really after four years left place. It's all we can ask. I'll be thrilled. I think most of the sandy will too. I was down there opening day, and as Tucker Barnhart said just incredible excitement in the clubhouse and on the field and the stands that was one of the best part of. All right. Let's talk about let's talk about your your book unveiling its this Wednesday. At Joseph Beth what time and you'll have copies there to sign. I would think. Yes. Seven PM Joseph this coming Wednesday. Book is also available on Amazon read tall theme. Joe's about the chorus booksellers on songs square, one of my favorite things to do with the book or something. We kind of pulled out which was double h a map of eeking sixty nine Cincinnati again city, the main baseball famous. Yeah. Beautiful print of that available for sale as well. Going to be helped can be the reds hall of fame on other places..

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