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I'll lose my age is concerns are answered the very next day by his own colleagues who say meditation has made them more effective reenter the stream of the conversation there's a lot of tension between the police in the community all over this country right now i don't think meditation as a cureall for anything but do you think this could be a useful tool in five till another one hundred ten pounds and they some in tiny officers the one i show up to scenes of the central com i think to like i find myself since i've been mandating very recently that my performances a lot better in los angeles on the final day of arturo we get a visceral sense of the impact meditation can have in an individual life even those a million other things you could be doing no making that choice it's like strength of mine we're at the offices of inside out a nonprofit that teaches creative writing two formerly incarcerated youth they've got something they can write about a right of museum right okay we do some writing and then we hear and emotional reading from candice price who has lived through childhood abuse and incarceration my dad's has got to do its wouldn't fly years and not on often how do we know how to love them a few still hotter level i heard you judging yourself in saying hey you're supposed to open a tumour in a supposed to treat a month and that's okay so just remind us of the deaths and he wa and that you are supportive in that you you are love you are you are part of him came to our welcoming candidates reaches out the say she and her father are now meditating and getting a lot out of fitting and moving ending two and eleven day eighteen state road trip with the goal of helping american's adopt a simple practice that can make all of us at least 10 percent half this dan harris all over america coming up a youtube star under fire the posting video of a dead body on perspective after this have.

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