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And how do we grow this brand to be, you know, some weird, hybrid of like funnier die and time out magazine or something like that? That's a great analogy. Did you go to college? Not not. Well, I dropped out three times where did you Trump, I went to the university of Oregon for year? I dropped out of there. I went to Santa Barbara City College and UCSB dropped out of their studied abroad, in London, Cambridge, but like it wasn't like Cambridge was like in Cambridge. It was a coun- the street. Great how old professor for years, I used to both girls and be like in Cambridge guy studied in Cambridge not. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't. I didn't. Wow. Good for you say with the hydro flask update heads up that the sales team has been pretty picky about new accounts to demand from our existing retailers. Good luck. Exclamation. Thank you every night. Yes, he this is this is the problem with being a personality, though. Right. Like, people either, send you all this, you don't want, like, when you actually want so many like we, we, we don't get free all the speaking of getting sent things. I'm going to air out another one of my, you know, I don't care anymore. I'm just reckless. So we used to be like the real only people that would be out here. Repping Taco Bell like do or die for years like forever. Two thousand nine we're on red carpets seating, Taco Bell. And so yeah we put talk about in the game. I'm telling you. We brought the double decker back in my opinion, and really talked about it's very strong brand. You know where years we, we inspired the blows us? So I was so excited always getting those Taco Bell swag. And then it is started seeing every single person with a frigging. I g account with a little bit of heat getting the same sound like. Well, I'm not wearing that now that blah, blah, blah, has the hot sauce pool? Float ease I in a it's been emotional, so inside. No, I know just some coming out in a couple of weeks. Right. I think we're even potentially doing a promo for the hills. Wow. Is reaching out and doing what? Imagine that once that goes and Taco Bell just going to be like trying to suck you all that all the time now they love that. I. Can you eat that food knowing that it's going to block certain? She sent her body. Yeah. I can I definitely can because we lived in Santa Barbara for eight years, and a Mexican food, six meals a day for eight years. So my stomach is fascinating. It could be studied under a frigging laboratory. Are you very healthy very health, conscious? So let's not go there. You're on your diet. Jesse has a very strict diet. And the biggest thing that we always joke about is that he has these slow releasing carbs SRC's sources. And so it is like playing chicken pancake, where it's like book size of a hand, maybe like a forearm, and it's very thin flat fleet thought ten minutes later, he has a slow releasing carbs. It's usually like twenty minutes later. Sorry, it's like a Japanese sweet potato another sweet potatoes. Look for. Potato? So those, and then no desert. Nobody phen-. No macho. Well, here's the thing. It's out of necessity. So I have health issues because I live in LA. So it's like when you live in LA. They're like, I knew a health issue that is not real right? But I have sort of auto immune condition and like deal with a ton of. So I've just sort of been narrowed down to this ridiculous cliche diet, but it does help. So go ahead, make fun of me. Make sure your moon free for real. I don't talk Luton number right? Yeah. None of that's thanks. He drink alcohol. No. But I didn't before I maybe on a date..

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