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And that's one hundred parts per million of molecular iodine, which which is about thirty to fifty times more concentrated than than that. Which is in Poland own iodine. And also, there's we have a concentrated era. Went to be used with the neural irrigating device. We've had it tested on. With the water pick with the pick pocket tip and dad's to be used as a Medicated rents at home as era Ghent subject of irradiation, and we also have a gel which is two hundred fifty parts per million. I o gel which is to be used as in full arch trays and as a Perry Donald trae much like a whitening tray. And that's for more severe cases where patients would wear fifteen minutes a day. And so that's another product that's available on website. And so this basically three different products that we make available. We've had these products initially that we had a pilot study done. Three years ago for these products, and it was done by void certified carried honest, and with fifty three patients it was over six month period of time and the the results were were dramatic. They were compared to collecting glutamate they were superior. And in fact, it gave us the impetus to develop I products professional Donald products to be used in this area a sell after that. And by the way, the patients were in that six month study to the state most of them are still using this product on a daily basis because the period, honest, doesn't wanna take them off of it. And the patients don't want to go off of the we recently had a study done or invaluable done by Gordon Christians clinicians report. And that was they were to evaluations done. One was for the ready to use wrench with one hundred twenty five patients in twenty five dental offices. The other one was. For the concentrated yrant. And that also was a separate twenty-five dental offices and a separate one hundred twenty five patients and the result was so good in that that that clinicians reported voted both of those products as best products of the year of two thousand nineteen in their annual buying guide. So and the ingredients in these Brooks and not only are they essential nutrients, but they're also on the FDA's grass list of. Generally recognized as safe substances, so the natural organic, and so the guess, that's what's on our website. So I'm Gordon Christian his wife, rela has peach microbiology, what is relative of this? You know, I haven't spoken directly with her about it. So I can't answer that they have to stoke the relevant that are you are you are any of the period Donald schools using this right now, I mean, how many what is their fifty six schools United States? How many of them have Perreault program, and how many of them are going to start trying this. Well, actually, we we were actually waiting for the that clinicians report evaluation to be completed which was just recently about you waited. And so now, we're I like introducing this product. Product. And in fact, we just now started a our marketing campaign, so so it's I now being introduced so we've sent we sent product to to several different dental schools. So and there are a number of period honesty, using it in the United States and Ziv Masar who's the the president the Israel society of of Orleans plant tala. She was a previous president of Israel society of period, honest. He's been using it in his practice and. He lectures in the states a lot to to Perry. Honest around the country was keynote speaker at the American Academy of period ontological. So there are a number of of opinion leaders who are beginning to use the product and in their offices and also starting to talk about on electric circuit. So it's just now being introduced, and what about you know, again, I just love that column. Seventeen I mean, flooring chlorine. I mean, Dennis reuse, chlorine, chlorine, dioxide for bad breath. Have you tested us against air Matic, sulfur compounds to see if it also treats, mellowed or bad breath. And yes, yes. In fact, yes, we've used it with the Hal limiter. And and yes, it it. Very effective. In fact, formulation of we've tested, and it provides long-term benefit for for these volatile self accomplishments long-term benefit because it because it's the most effective in killing the bacteria that produce them. I think it's interesting out here in Arizona. People don't understand the periodic table because if they have a swimming pool, and for some reason, they decide they don't like chlorine..

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