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Create it weighed in limitation tax like that'll make sense to the answers but if you were to create the stipulation of like if you live in May align team members in a whole team riveted do attache so does it still doesn't make sense? Don't let a wish you cut it. Don't the thing is is his. I think they wanted to have a bachelor Sunday without having which the way to do that is just don't do it look right south rallies rally age it Becky Lich both don't even have to wrestle right to be the logical thing would have been to have a man okay. Seth of Becky already had a bachelor last week right. Excuse me this week I would've had lacy Barron have a mess because now they needed tuneup and you keep your champions out of it. They're not oversaturated laseyette bear do they could've beat up our truth carbonless dental really you know leave anybody into lurch but now they seth it Becky award it was a tough batch batch. Did they got jumped afterward by laseyette Baird because we just can't let all right. We'll get to the preview part later at a show but it's like all right <hes> the moves in the usoz defeat the revival in alliance and the two out of three falls match because guess what we do a two or three false matches every week every show for bell if that Wadad. It's like you know if somebody who sister watches as you know what Hebei we have to three falls becher that she worked people's watch that people dug it well. Let's do again. Let's just have to out three falls maxes until we suck the life out of two out of three falls matches. That's what we're good. You don't WanNa know people talk about the W._W._e.. And Day root for downfall and they're like Hey A._W._o._l.. Take over to go beat a fiscal be. This is going to be that and I don't believe that's GonNa happen but I can see how all people have begun to root for the ED believe that because you'll get tired of seeing the save weird shit okay going off right <hes> bobby lasted Ashti defeats Mr Priebus Stereo and Ramos Cheerios come back and he does open challenge. I probably would have had ray cutback just beat up local job or two. There was little game. The random person survey I give you perfect is after they got lost elephants up on the party Gary Record ever but when Ramos field-based to return to bed at him for snap on Jobber the thing you have him wrestle Bobby Lashley by you know Laura Sullivan should have been arrested joggers like I don't really understand why you decide that. This is were good idea this dump right and not only that I've got going to let rape a stereo for return and then have to wrestle provider like Bobby Lashley like it's just it's not there. You know what I'm saying it. Just don't don't make sense. It's like the whole purpose was to make room for Stereo. Look good. I mean I I just need understand like what is doing it right now. I I don't get it if it's like who right there they can as we live at his. You know what it makes them because what the T._V. writers are back their ticket to sweat with a happen outside filled so well you know I don't know I don't know but yeah really thinks we keep watching. That's why did today. That's an wrestler. Fatal places are fall because we keep watching it. Thanks so Zano defeats no way Jose. They'll real complaints there. The biking raiders defeated jobbers good job ricochet defeated Luke Gallows Carl emphasis so we'll have friends right. This is become adulthood man. I think the levels of people oh did he's facing are so high level. It's like hey this. Do don't get for its. We just had conversation last week about good guys and how does it is less out there. You know win win. Navidad guys that all the supporting the world like it is terrible. I don't it's like so if you if you if you a he'll you know you've got all kinds of backup and nudo they do just come to your aid. Stay out there for you the Shitty Popol but if you a good guy don't know probably come out to help you. They don't they don't do for say. They just sit there is they. They said abandoned they what they WANNA be. Cool wishes like six to me. I don't get it. It's like what are we doing. You mean to tell me eight logo somebody Heidi gotta be on your say. Come home like somebody gotTA support you. Renews Itself Point. Is this is ridiculous. I don't know I I don't added. I really don't <hes> but you know like I say Rick Shadow head offerings <hes>. How are you like the Drake Maverick twenty four seven title Roy? 'cause I stick with drake for a little while it w e because I know she's a wrestling if I'm not mistaken I don't have full bio on me. I mean just like she would name Michelle and and and I know she's a wrestler but I didn't know she was out of the ear that because you know she still I mean there was really there what it is. That's the funny I'll just the honestly you know was like okay so is she with the company now like well. I mean there's no issues this T._v.. Every week without that so but also congratulations at drake maverick.

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