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So Saturday, ten AM to three and Sunday, ten AM to, to. Absolutely great time out there vendors will be they're selling, lots and lots of butterfly plants herbs a lot of herbs. Probably a Matt. Mike is going to be there. He's got a lot of the herbs. Orchids. Of course, Maria's, that's me, gingers native plants and all types of rare and tropical fruit trees as dots and tropicals, and of course, fun for the whole family, and there's going to be a children's activity area there as well now on Saturday for those of us coming out to do the program. There's going to be a talk Saturday talk at eleven AM or could growing. So if you're an orchid person and you want, maybe want wanna learn how to repot maybe you wanna learn how to, you know take care of your orchid feed it pest control. Orca talks going to be at eleven AM and a butterfly talk and tour butterfly talk, and two or going to be held at noon. Okay, also simultaneously at noon. Oh, no. I'm sorry. That's Saturday on Sunday at Sunday at noon beekeeping, man, I'm going to be there. Beekeeping Sunday at beekeeping one zero one at noon, I can't wait to be there again. The address twelve to ten USF pine drive Fowler avenue, and Bruce Donaldson. Tampa Fowler avenue, Bruce bones in Tampa. Can't miss it out. They're going to have a great time. I'll be out there with the my lovely scenarios, and those great restraint to plants as well. They're going to be out there with the beautiful colors. You know, love the hell Konia love those. All right. Let's go to Robert, rob rob in port Richey. Hey, rob, good morning. Good morning. Hey, I have a question. I have a black our tree. It's maybe maybe a year old and maybe shot up. Maybe about a foot wonderful that maybe Home Depot or. Something like that small tree. Now what my question is, what do I used for fertilizer? What do I use to make that thing, bro it? How long do they pay before they start producing crude? I've heard two three four years. The. Yeah. You, you want to have those and, you know, you wanna have them growing for at least four or five years. But you wanna know something I've got a friend owns the Acropole restaurant over county, the Greek Greek restaurant of dark road. And I went into one day, it's Gary is his name, and he showed me, his, his, he has couple of trees behind his a place there. And they were loaded absolutely loaded with our lives. So. Oh, you know, can you can you grow? Yes. Can they will they will they vary? Yes. Now, his we're only about six foot in height, six foot height, maybe about five foot wide the a couple of back to back, but man, I had hundreds and hundreds and hundreds on, they're like, criminals. You just wanna maintain them. It's all you wanna feed them a good. Eight ten ten fertilizer eight ten. Ten fertilizer. Gotcha. Okay. And you want to feed kinda regularly light applications every couple of months. That's all you gotta do. You know, I don't know of any real pastic in on the plant, you know, right? At least I hope they, you're not gonna get haven't seen anything. So, but yeah, I would I would just keep keep the plant going, and one of these days, they're going to take off for you. Now, rob, where if you really want a lot more good information about the blackouts. You know what you need to do is you need to come down to the USF plant sale, and talk to my, my good friend, Jeff Dodson Dotson trot. He knows all about anything fruiting. Okay. So if you go to the show, just for the information my gosh, right, right? He's the guy to talk to on that. That's interesting. Yeah. When that is next weekend. So next weekend. All you gotta do show up at the US university. South Florida botanical gardens, right there. Bruce b downs and follower avenue right around the corner from you, basically Saturday, ten the three and Sunday tended to. Sounds like something to do. Or you're there you go. Thank you so much. I appreciate all right. You're very welcome. Have a good day. Thank you Bye-bye. Of course, you're listening to Florida gardening. I friends, Marco van here with Florida gardening..

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