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Kevin gone um i know he's kind of looking at jason too but in the event that one of the jason alex perry winds he wants to make sure kevin is gone so this is not good it's not good um i feel bad for kevin rooting for kevin but man what a rough couple of weeks she's hot yeah and this and he's basically setting alex and jason ought to do the same exact thing that jessica did where like if they do win the age or wage with the entire house against them the person they might end up taking out is the one person that's not coming after them in cabin in like shore kevin wants to come after you a final sex by he's the only person that doesn't wanna come after you this week and his plan for final sex is contingent upon the the idea that like you're all of air at final sex which you're not gonna be if you take him out on this so i mean paul again just like he's he's setting this up so that they do the absolute worst move for the game and i can see it i i could absolutely see work i could see like you know everyone's gunning for alex next week or jason i'm an old boom alex wednesay itu which is the underdog she's finally got it she's going to turn the game around and then she constrictive kevin in coast next week i mean that's that's what paul is doing to this game and i again i know some people are running a boring i'm finding a pretty entertaining and then it's like okay to like maker quicken algiere out of this is like you're playing more your party with four people and there's one person that has seven stars on route fifty coins and the rest of you stood on one start of course.

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