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Interesting time right now in the world of sports we're sort of in that all the kind of Lole right now where he got the scouting combine but a lot of people have very funny thoughts on the combine I want to get to that with you but college tournaments college basketball tournaments are around the corner I don't know if anyone out there unless you're just Konkan out as a fan of Kansas or someone like that I don't know if anybody has formulated any real hard fought son who's going to win the national championship in college basketball feels like right now we're sort of in that ramping up mode before we get into conference tournaments I would say they are probably I can make the case there probably fifteen to eighteen teams that can win the national championship and to me that's a lot seating bracketing all that gets factored in at the end of the day but I don't think we have real formed opinions yet or do we think is going to win the national championship yeah I can get in the hole sign on lebron lebron was smooching Zions rear end after they played over the weekend and you know signed Williams and he plays with great ferocity there's no question what's gonna happen when that guy gets his body right because there are parts of Zion Williamson at veterans don't we as morass can I get in on that one that figures out how to eat I know how to get his body right all my god what is he going to morph into what look at lebron when he first came in the league and look at him right now think of that with Zayn on my little waves serial looks like right now and then envision what that guy's gonna look like five years from now when he gets in the lifting nutrition things like that all it's going to be an animal that's what they're doing at the NFL scouting combine right now they're looking for animals they want the biggest fastest strongest toughest the best combination of everything that you can try to find it's going on at the NFL combine yet there are a lot of you out there who when it comes to the combine you're like not my thing I love to know why eight eight five five two one two for CBS this is always been one of the more interesting phenomenons in sports again I've been I'm a forty five year old guy who this October will have been talking sports consistently with no break five days a week if not six days a week for almost twenty four years plus twenty one years old when I first got on the air someone doing this a long time even though I'm not that old but when I first got into this racket there are always people who would call and say I don't get to combine why does it appeal to you why is it such a big deal and now the NFL has completely bastardized if they completely hoarded out they've come they've turned it into as long as an event as they can possibly turn it into they've they've added drill holes and evaluations and things like that I mean it really turned it into about a week a week for the programming on NFL network and of course everybody is talking about it as you would expect but I find there are a lot of you listening right now very polarizing thoughts on the combine and I think for a lot of people it's more negative than positive here's why I love the combine number one I did play college football at a reasonably high level and I was always talked behind the sky doesn't lie in when your scalp and you're about to talk yourself out of a player in that world you're told slip on the tape you can look at guys that are really really fast in shorts and it doesn't translate to their field speed I can see that the guy had eight we have bench pressed two hundred twenty five pounds forty times but when he's pass blocking he doesn't have a great punch to slow down eight a defense of linemen so there are the metrics what you learn in the measurables and how fast and things like that and then there is how do those metrics applied to the player on the field and that is a part of the evaluation process that and also getting around these guys and being able to talk to them now I don't know if people's thoughts on the combine our evolving a little bit because we really understand that it's much more than just how fast you run how much do you bench how high can you jump there's much more to the combine and I'd like to think that now that it's been on TV a lot then there are a lot of you out there who at least why you may not love it might say okay at least I get it at least I understand its relevance I understand why they do it I understand why or I get the why of them doing it but I only get super highly rated and I think the football junkies like me I am definitely one of those people who consumes that product on what I would call a linear basis which is I try to watch as much of it as I absolutely possibly can because there's little things that I'll pick up and learn whether it's someone's foot work their ability to spin the football yeah there was that one of the wide receivers I think it might have been I saw one of the tight ends who did the drill with a run across the field you look left to catch you look right look left look right and the one that I mean the one the guy turned right near him right in the face I want to see how guys recover from stuff like that those are little things that I think in the football world maybe some on the outside don't understand it but I think on the inside there are a lot of people who put weight on things like that and what I mean by respond is that the guy gets cranked in the face with a football in can't catch it and what does he do does he go in the tank and drop the rest of them or is the guy catch the restroom running across the field and turned it up and boom you're like all right today good jumpers bearing that do but I remember an old timer told me years ago twenty years ago had been I'm just can start any called the combine who cares event I normally you would take that as the all right one of the advanced age you're just like a guy who cares I'm not into it but I think it's too full number one do you see in the NFL combine as a who cares event and you don't really pay ten attention to it and then the what else would be on that list maybe for you the combine like me it does it for you but there's another event in sports that you're like aw who cares I am not out on all all star games and I think there are some people out there who just here all star game Pro Bowl hello I'm not going to watch that what's the point whereas I know as a kid being named an all star special like Major League Baseball has a big deal the call you're an all star going to the all star game I remember for me as a kid I was much more nostalgic about things like that now I'm just like I thank god they don't have home field advantage tied into it and great for the players are gonna get bonuses for being named all stars but the end of the day it doesn't move me in those all star games well you know the NBA all star game mildly entertaining hockey I didn't pay attention to baseball is one day near I'll probably keep an eye on global waste time Pro Bowl absolute waste of time they took out after hitting a there's no rushing kickers that year you easier quarterbacks I mean what's the point at this point what's the point do a skills challenge or just bail on the whole thing but to me the NFL scouting combine does not fall into the who cares category for me one of those events did fall into the who cares category for you that other people really do enjoy and maybe you do dig a who cares event and there's something else in your sports world they will qualify as a who cares is the combine one of them for you at eight five five two one two for CBS or what are they for you the events that some people get hot and bothered for and you're just out inside now I just can't do it I you know what you know what a vent the NBA created they made me think that way if you remember when they took away the dunk contest and they did the whole we're gonna get like a legend and a current player and the W. NBA player and they did that whole like freeway skills competition all dear lord that was awful awful awful awful now I get it was a time in which the NBA was trying to help the W. N. B. A. really good on the map and that was a way to give that league the robber so that if you can help get the jump start off the ground expose their players a little bit too across audience right basketball loving audience I am hoping that it would kind of take off from there that was a who cares event for me our dear lord just didn't do anything for me whatsoever what is that for you eight five five two one two for CBS eight.

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