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And and so. I think that perspective most players that I've been around their career Iran's three years before they think it's going to end and so usually when it's time for it to be over your surprised by that's how it is for ninety. Nine percent sounded the guys and so a perspective of someone who's kind of been on both sides of it. I think is important make sense. Did you the report. The packers forty niners squirrel I in the NFC amazing considering considering both teams have losing records last year in the AFC. The Titans and chief will battle it out with these super bowl trip up for grabs. The final overreaction on this Monday the packers and the forty niners the forty. niners going to Miami Victor. This is an overreaction guys mainly Eh picking the go pack go into Rogers is shown me that he can get he can just get it done. He can flat out get it done on and the reason he can get it done as because devante. I think the way he gets the ball to him. I think the chemistry that they both have and listen. I can speak to a little chemistry between a quarterback and receiver. I've been there many. And when you when you're on the same page with your quarterback like they are you feel like you are untouchable. You go through these practices you understand exactly how you WANNA WANNA attack this team. And I think they're doing that as we speak. And I think when you have that level of confidence between your quarterback and you're wide receiver only good things come from that and the niners are going to have their hands full trying to guard Devante Atas because he's a spectacular town. If it does happen. Aaron Rodgers will go nine years between starts in the super bowl largest gap ever by starting quarterback. which would break the record previously held by John Elway when eight years between his superbowl starts to the super spotted? Say but that. That that overreaction or no okay okay the only thing I agree with field. It's not I'm no reaction and it would be the longest right like I think the issue is. I don't think the packers can block the the forty niners I just. I don't think they can the banged up at tackle. The last time they played them they couldn't block them. Aaron Rodgers as we scored eight points. They really struggled offensively and I think when we look at the niners now I think they're better now than they were last time. They played on the defensive side of the ball. So thirty seven. Nobody surely that offense one hundred like yeah it was. It was really bad. You have to think they're playing better as well. Though that that that Green Bay offense a little bit I in Aaron Rodgers can create offense and volunteer Adams great but if you just get dominated friends friends who we saw weekend it team that dominated the other team front. They won the game. Look look at the. Vikings Viking seemed to run the football a A. Rod as he's not going to be a sitting duck in that pocket. He's going to be moving around. He's not going to be an easy guy. Just come and sit back there seven yards in being attacked by Joey. Bosa thank you for that information new. NFL live from our Texans reporters. Sarah Barshop Bill. O'Brien hasn't met with owner Kalmyk near but when asked whether Texans will hire a GM he said the way. I see it right now. It stays the way it is here are sounds of the weekend.

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