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Room brings an epidemic in the present to the field. that's kinda. That's the kind of stuff. I think coaches love and i would not shock if it dan campbell and anthony. Lynn jessop a overused jamaal williams based on the contract. You just got. I do not love this landing spot. Frankly because i don't expect the lines very good some other running back deal it's been quiet. Now carson four net drake lady on bell. James conner all still out there mark. Ingram signed a deal with the houston. Texans carlos with the jags devante booker with the giants. Any of these guys fantasy relevant at all or onto the wide receivers. None of them are fantasy relevant. Thirty one. I do want to point out. How about daryl williams resigning with the they. Surprisingly cut dean williams talking about the plight of of the running back damien williams ops out of the covid season two the arab his mother who was diagnosed with cancer and it gets cut at Just absolutely brutal business. Daryl williams right now if not want to spend money draft pick to get a number to be the number two in kansas city and now you can produce and that offense and malcolm brown sign with the dolphins but it looks like according to eran wolf. They're espn beat writer. The dolphins are going to expand that back in the draft. They didn't want to spend too much money in free agency. It looks like they're going to act in the draft. So maybe brown who kind of were cam. Akers l. l. a. last year does the same thing in miami. Let's get to the receivers allen robinson franchise tag back in chicago. Chris godwin franchise tag with the bucks. I don't know if there's anything to stay there. But i don't wanna those Not really the thing about alan robinson. And i mean we know. It's impossible separate the allen robinson discourse from the quarterback discourse. And i know you just wanna pop into the running back and wide receivers. But i guess. Andy dalton is. The best quarterback allen robinson's ever played with and that's as about the racks and our robinson is played with a than it does about elton allen robinson's quarterback for if you think dalton's an upgrade or downgrade on trubisky alan robinson's quarterback group and he's probably gonna slot into that third round yet again. A if they have gotten russell wilson and the report was they need an extensive of your dan. Patrick ross reporting that. They made a massive offer for russell. Wilson it i would think that would allen robinson into the second round if they were to land back. Maybe you still get a discount. On allen robinson godwin value him the same exact way item last year a little bit up and down probably in that fourth round range for receivers but those two guys who i think their their their teams real niki. Kenny golladay juju. Smith schuster will fuller. Curtis samuel t y hilton. Aj green sammy watkins. Among the guys we might talking about inept week. Break some news to you. Came on air atrial jeremiah. Green agreed to a deal with the arizona cardinals interesting so i at times. He was the least effective for stephen football last year. And it was evident at tee higgins was better than aj green lush year. Does it.

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