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So the idea is getting out of the bodies hard, keeping it from getting in when you eat something that has mercury, but also good stuff is the strategy even chloro-. These are all things that I've been using for while and it seems to work. So it's one of those. One of those situations where I recently went halibut fishing and if you catch a fifty or one hundred pound halibut, the thing is fifty or one hundred years old and I always throw those back. And the reason you do that is they make a lot more halibut babies, which is a good thing for the oceans. And because they've been around that long, they accumulate a whole lot of mercury. So they're not really good for you to eat and what you want to catch a young one that has had a lot less spy accumulation because back to that smaller fish, and if you do that and your binding some toxins, I think there's room for fish in the diet and a requirement for fish oil. But like you said, the collagen and you guys are including a small amount of collagen in the neutral cellphone because you're finding it's helpful for for growth? Yes, absolutely. And I think the key here is also include the good stuff, but also include the DeKalb sire. So we also have Cal we also have is, is from Cal selenium and things like that. That. Helped toxic by the liver of mercury mercury will affect my conjures. You know, end hair follicles require an exuberant amount of energy. So when you have city, it will alternately not only you know, effect the hair follicle directly because a compromise Stanage production, but also will affect it indirectly by compromising detoxification of other toxins. And so even going to Bernie man to disconnect what can people with high stress. And we have jobs commutes kids, which even though they're wonderful, are enormous stressors because they interrupt you every five seconds when you try to do something. What can all of us do to help Santa of cortisol? They're a couple of things you're right about. Lifestyle modifications. I'm not saying that Bernie minister lifestyle modification. But there's things that you can do definitely. So finding hobbies in a life is busy, but finding even five minutes to meditate even. Or or to do yoga, just to sit mindfully. What I try to do is for instance, I pray on my food when I ain't I'm kinda sounds crazy, but it's not gonna pray. It's more like a mindfulness movement. It's a moment when I just disconnect from everything else and stay tuned to the presence of the of the meal. I find the meal as a good habit forming situation for me. So I time might sort of moment of silence moment of indication to that to that. To that process. So self-care is extremely important. We have to find time it's important. We have apps now that we can use. So that's really helpful. So lifestyle modifications, of course, good diet is important in eating healthy foods that are not inflammatory, protecting our gods, excluding foods that are pro inflammatory that stress are got notoriety contribute to their overall stress load for the body as well as taking adopted him. So I think adoptions are extremely important. This is something that western medicine has not caught onto because it doesn't really recognize that the stress mallet stress responses responsible for me over ninety percent of conic disease. So we haven't yet as a medical society caught up to the fact that there are these wonderful botanical gifts that we have for mother earth that we can use. And especially now when we have allergy available to us extract Fido actives make them more available in bioactive. So things like so, extract sexual gone is gone the for instance..

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