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King smith he was just decaying himself and then lastly the people playing out of position kind of case so pete cosma in the famous wildcard game in two thousand twelve that infield fly rule thing in part happened because cosmas signaled that he was going to get to that ball and he put his hands up and so the empire called in fly and then kuzma did not get to that ball that's kind of a mental mistake i guess and then there's the nelson cruz in the two thousand eleven world series where he kinda cost the rangers the game because he was not playing no doubles defense he was playing too shallow and david freeze had the the ball over his head and that was that so those are the best candidates i have i kinda like now block as the best comfort air smith yeah you have established that you have far superior memory for major events than i do i remember nothing before i didn't remember of this or they all come to my mind but you might still be able to visualize them in they're basically just gone from my own mental projector i was thinking of course the stirred in no way similar but of course just the other day the phillies beat the dodgers by what run on a run where michael franco did not touch home plate and the dodgers nick to challenge so that's bad i don't know what the ultimate hypothetical comparison would be but probably if you're in the ninth inning and you catch there's a protecting a one run lead and you catch what you think is the third out and then you just like throw the ball away or keep it in your glove or something but the tying run scores from third base on a sacrifice fly because you didn't realize that there was another echo something like that might work but otherwise i don't know what i one of the things i like about sports boehner's long as you're using the word is that they are all sort of specific to the individual sport there is no clear comparison across across sides you do every so often i always love when you see the basketball highlights the guy who's just chewing out the ref as the other team goes on a fast break the other direction you don't really see that in so many other sports but it's a wonderful one and.

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