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And i were uh you know i guess we'll be reviewed as normal jobs before i was very appreciative anybody who gave me that job right right but there's a company that allows me to go on the air and see the things that i want yeah well well what bad good i say about them i remember last civil i remember one time and that was the i was a kid and we i was working at a fulltime or fullservice rather fullservice gas station and mike car broke down now we didn't have cell phones so i was walking and i stopped at a friend's house i knew a friend was you know about a block way and i use this i said i'm on my way i just wanted to call you i'm walking because my car brooklyn and the guide the owners of the sorry i don't need unit than he basically just fired me for being late now he also you know was very very particular about his business and the whole thing and so you know it was it was one of my first job but he let me go i was thinking to myself now i get it i didn't have anything against the guy because i thought to myself now the guy gave me some experience i learned some things while i was there although on rivers the next opportunity which apparently was in radio so i blame him for that and i look at that whole situation nothing now i get it the guys running his bid and this and i was on on time in this kind of did i mean it was like he was like a drill sergeant i mean everything how to be perfect and and he wanted to keep it that way and it wasn't a huge business fulltime gas station so i i looked at him said okay i get it i.

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