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Seven sixty WJR news, gene Fogel. Good afternoon. Former Michigan supreme court chief Justice Bob young has been removed vice president and general manager for Michigan State University. It helped university negotiate an historic five hundred million dollar settlement with victims in the Larry Nassar scandal. No reason was given for his dismissal. He'd been hired by former MSU president John angler who was also recently, let go by the university, the Michigan civil rights commission can protect LGBTQ Michiganders' from discrimination. That ruling from state attorney general Dana Nessel, it overturns you order from her predecessor Bill Schutte made in July that said they were not protected. The Michigan Democratic Party is holding a tenuous state convention at Cobo center today, that'd be electing a new chair person current chair. Brandon Dillon previously announced he would not seek reelection. US air force is telling the state of Michigan will not comply with the state regulations on chemicals that come from military. Installations, WJR haven reports this sets up a showdown between Lansing and Washington. The air force says the state has no authority to tell the air force. It must do more clean up around the old wordsmith airbase in Skoda where use of firefighting foam can hitting fast chemicals, has polluted the groundwater rivers and creeks. The state D E Q told the air force. It was violating regulations that limit the amount of the chemicals. The DA Q wants the air force to increase groundwater cleanup. But the closed airbase. The system is a year behind schedule some Michigan members of congress. Notably Democrats Kildee and Dingle say the military. Doesn't honor the state regulations that it should be up to congress to make them. Do it. Dick haefner. WJR news. It's the Super Bowl weekend. And state troopers are out next door numbers. Making sure the roads are safe from people who are having too much to drink. The Michigan state. Police reminds football fans and motorists to make safe driving choices this weekend during Super Bowl Sunday festivities including having a designated driver. Troopers will join their counterparts from across the country and the international traffic safety initiative operation care, which stands for crash awareness and reduction efforts looking out for impaired drivers are meadowland Landreau. WJR news the Super Bowl had plenty for Michigan. Residents to cheer about. Former Motown singer Gladys Knight will perform the national anthem and university of Michigan grad Tom Brady. The starting quarterback for New England night says while she's aware of the controversy about the NFL treatment of former player Colin cavern action decision to kneel in protest during the anthem of racial injustice. She prefers to let the music make the statement. I understand that movement. I'm not saying one way or the other. It's what your heart tells you to do Brady who will appear in his nice Super Bowl says it never gets old. It is once in a lifetime experience. But you know, we just been fortunate to play enough played by good enough in the playoffs advance. And then get to play in this game and hard to believe that this is the nighttime during this WPRO news time two oh five..

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