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Damn it larry that's another nazi ism we got i can't put it on a teeshirt each game wipe with like with this person paint it only of him out of the don't think this is why we can't have nicely this is also widely as won't visitors in case you wonder hill back we got satellites shut up to medium she said white women a but shane opec you know she opec but also okay let's talk about outrage culture for just a second i don't want to get to wrapped up in his we only got a little bit of time we we took away low time today but i had a really good time talking about everything we talked about lewis and daca check us out on youtube items wrote tune in radio after the night we should be on iheartradio so uh were definitely all facebook we're all over the place so you guys can check us out all over the place so um list this talk about outrage culture why is it that some people seem first of all mop like gazza snap boycott black panther now i'm going to black panther address like as a as a moaned in i'm going to blacked out the drizlycom a special forces in the will carling army in at pavel as wrong which you that did you this isn't seraphic of these iran challenges that europe and you believe me that thing i think is an apple impede this should never have a piece or or look anyway let's talk about outrage coach do you think that there are some people on this planet in this is special specifically in american interest rates in america that just seek for things to be mad about may.

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