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Chesting here. If you're businesses in the market for a new Ford, truck or van you need to visit us the Ford truck experts at six ten north just east of fifty nine. Discover our award winning customer service. See why chesting Ford is a number one dealership for work trucks and fleet sales. Come join the Chastang family homeowners. There's never been a better time to permanently fix your pipe leaks or low water pressure by repipe ING your home today. Repacked specialists have been reaping homes apartments and condos for over twenty five years servicing. Houston San Antonio. And Austin with forty thousand home repairs completed face stand behind their work. They perfected the most efficient process for customer. Convenience repaving an entire home in just one to two days. Patching your walls and providing a lifetime guarantee for a limited time get twenty percents off in zero percent interest for an entire year repipe specialists, the no hassle value priced all inclusive. Repipe call today. Day for your free in home estimate tailored for your home at eight hundred two one nine zero seven four zero that's eight hundred two nine zero seven four zero eight hundred two nine zero seven four zero. So let's hear your idea for the new ad, okay? Visualize this we start off with the camera zooming in on the Houston, paddock odors, logo as the way. We get an aerial shot showing three industrial buildings on six acres with eighteen wheelers getting loaded. Wait. I'm not sure you get much better. You have clips of large Dr gates, skids oilfield, equipment moving in and out of our oversight of it. I don't think you understand case, Houston, paddock odors, capabilities of applying F B on the idea of pipes and fittings anyways. While all this is going on the website is scrolling the bottom of the screen Houston powder. Coders dot com. Make it really thin patter Toda's, then after all this we surprise everyone by showing that we can handle smaller residential outdoor patio furniture. Let them see that we can do all of the work in house. The final thought is thirty team members standing together and say were Houston proud where Houston's strong..

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