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And left early and he's getting it done right now and he's going to be so he should be able to stay on the lead lap is kale is one of the toughest in this business he'll hustle a race car and can do johnson said when he drove for him some years ago he can do more with an ill handling car or bad situation than driver he'd ever had and he's proving in here today this is the seventh caution i believe of the day here at pocono morgan shepherd blowing up down and turn turnover one let's go back to go from minute left a bit of a trail of fluid which attract grew quickly took a look at it and took care of and morgan did continue to coast on around the racetrack he was another car that was in good chance to have a shot at the win here was part of that battle for fifth sixth and seventh spot also involving bill elliott and joe ruttman in the richard petty car so that will leave us now twelve cars running on the lead lap here at pocono with fifty laps to go next sunday riverside california the budweiser four hundred on that unique nine turn road course to one driver who can't wait to get there is joe rutland i'm truly looking forward around in riverside because dale and i really hook it up there and i did tell him on the phone dream or not i do know that pocono is my worst track and this gives you the opportunity to say no before you say yet you know i give him an out to him that you didn't know that i i do not perform well pocono but in in in retrospect i'm really looking forward to riverside i think between him and i and and the input from richard that we could be a force at riverside rothmans won a number of races out there on the nascar west coast tours that's next sunday you'll hear that right here on our end that we go to brooklyn michigan in two weeks june twenty eight the.

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