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Coming up next hour Arnie. I I don't know if you'll like it or not. That last news. I heard I'm sure. Let's get this guy in here. He's been arrested three times the league we care about the integrity of the league. And by the way, speaking of the NFL, am I am I wrong in not having a problem that we haven't heard much on the tyreek hill saga? It's the off season. He's not taking part in workouts. It appears to be that those want some sort of measure or act now just need something to write about or talk about. I mean, he's probably never gonna play for the chiefs again. But I have no problem that they're taking their time. Right now, my crazy. He's not involved in anything. Yeah. You're crazy because you know, this has been going on way too long. Plus, then do the investigation even before the NFL came up with their findings that tape is so disturbing. What more do you really want? I mean, I thought that was going to be enough roof to at least give him a suspension or something like that. I I don't know. Why suspended? Well, this is what I need to be gone for good to just say, you're done. You're you're. Finished. I mean just have you heard that tape? It's just it it it makes the hammer my arms stand up. Are you gonna be okay? Then if they cut them in the dolphins signed him. No, I wouldn't be okay. With that. I'd I'd rather lose to have him on my team. And I know people that all the time, but I wouldn't want him on my team. Okay. So when that happens marked the tape raider fan, we can't hold on his words against him real quick before. I get to Twitter one thing. I heard you talking about last night. I don't get too caught up in trying to put historical context on something hours after it happens. But as I have learned from you Arnie, we're doing our show tonight. Right. Not five or ten years from now or five years ago. So are we really to place this in the category of one of the worst losses in Houston Rockets history from last night? Well until somebody gives me a better lost the net. I mean think about this. They don't have Kevin Durant. You're playing at home. You head held Steph curry two zero points in the first half the crowds into it. You're really could have just put them away by going up twenty and they would have folded and benched. Everybody getting ready for game seven. I mean, you had everything going for you in your favor, and you're still let it just slip through your fingers like that. Yeah. You don't play defense yet. You go ahead. It's like it's like a bullfight. It's like you're mad at or ole it, there's no defense going on you could if you want to win into the end of the game when hard and said, oh, I know exactly what we have to do. We'll figure it out this summer. You don't have a clue on what you need to do. Maybe they'll just stay, Pat. But Chris Paul. I mean, jeez dot guy looks spent and I was arguing what am I go close up? Here is like still averages sixteen a game, and blah, blah, I go the guy looked fat and flow fatter d- sore than I do for crying out loud enough of him. They need to they need another boost in the arm. I was a little bit surprised to see how slow he looks at times. And we want to laugh when we see the funny faces and we see the. What the commercials, but it's again, I don't care about that Kenney. Still get it done on the court and crunch time. And boy he he laid a monstrous egg in game five look at what James Horne didn't game five in the fourth quarter Arnie leading into game six dude at five fourth quarter points. This isn't just a game six issue. Yeah. This is this is almost a six quarter issue with and I know that doesn't make a lot of sense from a really trying to be logical about it. But starting in the third quarter. When Durant was gone when they should have found another level. It's almost as if I I'm not saying tanked, but it's almost as if it was an anchor that sucked him down which rant not being. There makes no sense to me. How bad they how they take. It. Look how you know hard takes just sitting back. You know, we know what we need to do figure it out. And then you look at Embiid, who's in tears. Man because of their loss to different people one. I'm sure is going to go to the strip bar and the other one's just going to figure out how we're gonna come back next year. And I'll say this though, I watched a I guess you could call it almost a documentary style piece on James harden today that dude's emotion doesn't change hardly at all. So I don't know how much you can read into that. He doesn't seem to be a guy that runs too hot or runs too cold. But I'm having a hard time disagreement to the rest of the teams like runs hot. Well, who who isn't? I mean, honestly couple of quick tweets. I like this from free who is people don't like the warriors dominating. And now, they don't like fresh fresh blood with Milwaukee. Toronto people don't know what they want. I think it's been great playoffs. So far. I I liked that tweet. I would read tweeted at thousand times, you're right. Oh, what do I hear? Well, this is warriors fatigue. Okay. Here's Milwaukee in Toronto new new fresh blood in Portland. Oh, I don't want them. That's that's that's a small. I don't want them. Right. I mean, again, if that's been your take this whole time, here's three pretty fresh. Teams Arnie and everyone's just s and all over them. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know again because it's it's not the blue bloods, and I can collagen yet see AA tournament. We love those first round upsets. But the blue bloods, better be there in the Sweet Sixteen the elite eight the final four saving goes for the NBA. You gotta have the blue bloods in there. Otherwise, people aren't going to watch. It's a magical year rights, Eddie if you're CPA three because that's as far as he ever goes in the playoffs and least he didn't physically fall apart. Yeah. No that doesn't seem to be which is. And then Fernando rights here in Vegas. We don't care about the ratings. NBA teams are worth billions. We're just degenerate gamblers. I mean, that's pretty much right? Isn't it is just about how much money you can make off them? Whenever you go to the window. Oh, and real quick MGM. John writes, the kiss of death will pick Milwaukee and their season will come to an end. Are you doing that later tonight or not gonna pick? Well, yes, I am going to pick them. But I'm not going to tell you how many games until later got fissile picks coming up next hour. All right. Well, when we come back to the Geico.

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