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Eagle of the Vancouver Canucks and our producer mentions at the conclusion of the interview the main takeaway might be that he still uses an iphone one. How jealous are you that you can meet somebody who doesn't have to do social media that can just turn off that part of the world? That'll be me one day. Yes. I will be a rumor one day trust me when I am done with this. And I realize it's probably not going to be my own call. I will be a ghost. I will be my career is over. I will be a ghost seems to have his priorities straight appreciates everything that he has with hockey hockey has afforded him and probably guy that I would imagine that young kid that got cut from Calgary hitmen camp. Never envisioned one day sipping from the Stanley Cup. But there was well that guy's also not gone, right? I think it motivates him to be where he is. I think there's a lot of things he could have done winning. Cal as you mentioned winning those three championships where you could say, okay, I can coast now, I don't need to do this anymore. And he's not that guy. I really liked his last answer about how he's never gonna wear the ring. Interesting. Hey, I like that. And I understand it like I could see myself kind of being wired the same way that I'm a big believer in. Okay. You did this yesterday. What are you going to do today? And it's obviously he's wired that way too. I I have a healthy respect for that into me. The last accident explains a lot of his story into why he's been so successful. I understand completely eat the meal not the menu. He's there to be a champion not just to wear. The ring. We'll the meal would also probably tastes better than mingling fair enough. What do you think of Jay beagle? As a as a player talked to him as a player outside of face offs. You know, what I think he knows you know, he knows what he is. He is a guy who's going to win you face off. He's a guy who's going to grind is going to compete in every shift. He's going to probably will you into some. Situations. Good situations than and get you out of. But I think also he's going to try and set an example. I think the whole thing was Vancouver. Now, one of the reasons they're suddenly, surprisingly, at least in the playoff conversation is because everybody's playing where they're supposed to be when you have Adler back, and you have tan of back, and you have beagle bag and now starters back is you can put guys in positions where when j Beagles out of the lineup and Brandon Sutter's out of the lineup. You're going to have to have guys do things that you don't necessarily think that they can do or you don't want them to do J Beagles situation where you're seeing there. You're like, okay. I know like where we are right now. I don't necessarily like where this matchups going to be. I can throw him out there and Noah least, he's experienced enough to understand what he's got to do or what needs to be done. And I think that's a big reason why Vancouver's improved because they got a lot of veterans. There who understand the way things are supposed to be done. And he's one of those guys the Vancouver Canucks. This good as RIC. Record this podcast made a lot of references to last night. And that was the game against the Montreal Canadians. But where are you at right now with the Vancouver Canucks? Expectation was they were going to be looking for the other Hugh June. And I think even they thought that Pederson is elevated them he is elevated them, and he has changed the direction of the franchise singlehandedly. He has changed it. And who knows how long this is going to last. But Mark stream is on a run. You know, how many years now Jeff of we sat here and said Jacob Mark Strom is going to be a number one goalie for the longest time. He was always considered the greatest goaltender outside of the NHL. And when did we saw saying when I get to the point maybe it was two years ago? We thought he was news in Florida. So now, you're in a situation where you're sitting here and saying maybe Ian Clark, Dan, Kluge air figuring this out..

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