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Cavaliers are still above the celtics the eastern conference obviously but it's pretty much closer out salvar closer look there was a gap between the two last year i don't think the gap is why do some people thought it was i think the you're you look at the celtics claim without isaiah thomas for half the series losing a game having a sixteen point lead and blowing it if they don't i know it's if so what not but if they don't blow that lead to the camps to win the series yeah i think they do but it highlights the fact that the gap between the two teams is not as dramatic as some teams think of you added hayward into the mix yet highly sum up see what happens and i think the cavaliers are favorites but elites overwhelming i think homecourt all of a sudden matters a lot more in the x factor to is does that team blow up mean you've heard rumblings for the past few weeks lebrun james opting out at the tis deal in 2018 than leaving for la in cairo irving tripping potentially about wanting out so the quite you're no general manager so the question is does it all ball up in cleveland do they have a losing streak the middle of the season do they not get off to a great start in desert just all go to hell and then here come the celtics the cavaliers are vulnerable absolutely i think they you can look at them as a team on the verge of collapse but on the verge of a a this functional situation remember they weren't invincible even in the second half the regular season last year they would never great defensive team kevin love is always been sort of an awkward fit on that team and i wonder whether they want that trade back despite obviously winning a title with love and the of the rumors are are popping up about the brown wants out carries getting pissed love still lotta great fit you all of a sudden who knows what you're looking at it in terms of a mix in the second coming to south of here come the cell either assad tweet earlier today this is the threeyear anniversary of the celtics acquiring the salary cap exception that they got from the cavaliers were cleveland could resign lebrun in 2014 when they did that that they've antulay than moved for as they time yeah so it it just goes.

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