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You know is once again looking at data you ask this continuum and then having the company though to let me know what the digital opportunities are notice my job. I don't want to come in and tell people with the opportunities are but i want to create a lot box oil wave for the company to be always engaging with me because not only do we need to do digital delivery for our patients and customers but i also wanna make sure that i'm doing internally as well taking out all of the processes in our environment today in the offense that we don't need to worry about i guarantee you without knowing miss that we have more spreadsheets than we need in this place even today right. I just heard a us a tailgate. One of my office told me that they have access databases to be on. I didn't even know microsoft's access. Because i had not heard that term here for a long time. So how do i say. Wow tell me more please and also i think maybe being able to do this job. Wale in across the company as i'm talking to people i'm more listening than talking here in this word that i use this phrase tale me more please Matt way to keep the business talking to me so that i understand where the rich opportunities are to do real digital delivery and also where the focus mine data priorities because the more i can keep talking the more learn about the opportunities of where there are opportunities across the company for lead to to help. If that makes that makes a lotta sense. It really underscores the need for a great leader to be a good listener And that isn't always necessarily the case so kudos to you for for Driving that inside home thank you. You mentioned a moment ago. Your appointment to the board of puppets company. Run by our our common friend and a former cio yvonne wassenaar. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about that. It's it's a journey. Many people aspire to walk in your footsteps ward of technology leaders becoming bore board members and thankfully there there are a growing fraternity or sorority That that that has done so to hear a little bit about your journey. How did you begin to contemplate that the extent to which it was something that you actively pursued especially if you have any advice for others who might walk in your footsteps mark would love to get that. I think about the network of relationships prison. This is a new relationship for me with you. Peter and it just started but what you will find is that i will pay you from time to time checking. How're you doing. I i think about the network effect the same way i think about how i this my money. It's really something that i really must pay attention to be mindful of that. It requires not one hundred percent of my time and attention. The time of the tension and the i learned from stephen covey you many years ago. There's this concept called the circle of influence in your bubbles. You know can shrink. Expand will grow depending on your actions and so for me a years ago. I said it would be awesome to have the privilege to be on a corporate board. And i've done advisory but what's As i understood it is one of the the has privilege. You can have competent to actually be there to a corporation with their strategy. And so i started making sure that i kept my network activated in made it known the others not in an arrogant way. That wow board members pay. What does it mean to be on the board. People are telling me that your job is not the tail kiko. So just doing learning's going to brief here. You know let it be known not in a pushy wave while af there something comes up. We're mosquitoes are match. But you manage that network you you you you help you let others know that. Hey if they can assist you in anyway but you keep that network you you manage it like a pot of gold and you just keep you know once again as i said before i may. I may be on a train to make pop in my head. I may send you a link. Gayness eight just wanted to check in how are you keeping that network fluid An but also doing everything in your power to understand what it means you know. Let that be on a award but how you show up as a leader everyday you'll find that word of mouth. You doing the things that you're supposed to do as well we'll began to permeate you know the this ecosystem bet we that we function on not to just be out there. You know getting your name out but getting it out there in a way to what people know why. You are interested so thinking about puppet. It's an area that i have paxton in. It's it's it's the automation you know within a function that i started and i think that there was a connection. He will you gong these interviews and you talk to people. Hopefully lacey that passion. You have their space as well as his industry on. So it's once again. It's not just working network. Because that's not what i'm saying but it's it's really making these connections you look people with a servant mentality. You know that you are willing to help right that you want to be served but that you are willing to serve and that's really what it's about how to you know serve these outfits that are really doing good and they need different perspectives and different points of edens and it translates also in the business that rian but also for me though i think reporting to the ceo as the cbi auto being on board working with the ceo. Believe it or not it actually helps me to both jobs even better than i would have without these two. You leak connections It does yeah. Well thank you. That's a great overview in great advice just in terms of you building that network. I love your your thought of to managing a network like a pot of gold. What a great way to put that. In and good things will will result as a as a result of your caring feeding. You get it. Look i i wanted to ask you as well Mark a among the very fort. Many unfortunate aspects of this year has been The reemergence of of and a a light shone on racial social inequities in our culture And i hope you don't mind my my asking but as a as an executive of color. I wonder if you could maybe reflect on some of the lessons of this year. Some of what you've been experiencing and the extent to which you have advice for people of goodwill who want to be part of positive change. Ibp interested in some of the thoughts that you might have. And i think this has been an interesting here.

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