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At the E CN dot com. Daria Aldinger ABC News Taking a look at Katie. Oh, traffic still stop and go out on the coast, northbound one between Montero State Beach all the way up to Linda Mar Boulevard in Pacific Up Looking at the shore Freeway Westbound. You'll see the brake lights between Gilman all the way down to the maze, adding towards the Bay Bridge toll closet Currently, with no delays getting on the upper deck, you'll see it slow from the Fremont Street off ramp into the 81 1 split. Checking out. Looks like public transits got some holiday schedules for Labor Day tomorrow, Bart will be running on a Sunday scheduled tomorrow. Trains will start at eight a.m. tomorrow. Also, SAN Francisco immunity will be operating on a Sunday schedule for Labor Day. Caltrain will be on the weekend schedule and checking out the fairies Golden Gate Ferry will be on a holiday service schedule. With KGO traffic. I'm Roy crew. Hey, How are you today? Leo Laporte here. The tick. Yes. Time talk computers, the Internet home theater, digital photography, smartphones, smart watches, removing extensions from edge and more. 88 88 ask Leo is the phone number 8888 to 7. 5536 has told free from anywhere in the U. S. Canada toll free in the North America.

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