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It's no secret that our uniforms are toxic about twenty. Percent of our flight, attendants, have been sick from the uniform many of them cannot even come to. Work Americans, Caroline Clayton's fled attendants can wear old uniforms if they have a problem in the company is changing suppliers even working actually over the past year or to select new suppliers, for uniforms, that are unions chose some flood attendance have, sued the company that makes the current uniform in Fort Worth Alan sky NewsRadio. Ten eighty North. Texas public housing projects looks to be headed to the wrecking ball the Fort Worth housing solutions board will. Meet tonight to decide the fate of the j., Cavill, project in the city's stop six neighborhood the three hundred units need more. Than forty million, dollars and repair work and the star telegram reports the focus has now shifted. To finding new. Homes the families the agenda for. Tonight's meeting will, include ideas for redeveloping the area around the section eight housing Mitch card NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD education secretary is ready to strengthen rights for college students that are accused of sexual misconduct the changes. Would give the accused Moore rights and lessen the. Liability for colleges and universities by narrowing the definition of sexual harassment the New York Times says they would, hold schools accountable only if formal complaints were filed with proper authorities and only if the incident happened. On campus education secretary Betsy DeVos has said the accused are often denied due process. In education spokeswoman says any Reports of changes are speculative and premature Peter King CBS news an Uber driver in Florida claimed self defense after. He shot a man that tried to run him off the road say it all started at a. Bar in Dundee about forty five miles south of, Orlando Bokan. His estranged girlfriend Jessica Mazza rela were drinking here when they got into a fight, Boko left, but we're. Still watching the bar from a truck he borrowed from a friend police say Mazzarella was texting with Boko also. Helping a bartender get an intoxicated customer into a new Bor both followed that Uber thinking rela was inside but she wasn't he. Told the replant on salting the driver but what police say did not know was the driver Westlake was. A recent police academy graduate and armed with a, legal, concealed handgun here's a message for the hot heads of the community they'll. Do that stuff Good people carry guns that's Tony to cope well reporting millions of Texans hitting the road for the last three. Day weekend of the summer Labor Day AAA says the worst. Time to be driving. Out of time out of town will be between seven and nine o'clock in the evening on Friday the best time, to find the smallest amount of cars on the road sometime between five and seven in, the morning on Friday, or Saturday. Verizon reports the best time to return home from the Labor Day, weekend here's before noon on Monday traffic will be. The heaviest at three in the, afternoon it is Labor Day weekend. Share you got plans, we've got some to take your to.

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